Community Services

All people, regardless of age or disability, should be able to live independently and participate fully in their communities. Every person should have the right to make choices and to control the decisions in and about their lives. This right to self-determination includes decisions about their homes and work, as well as all the other daily choices most adults make without a second thought. - Administration for Community Living (ACL)

Oklahoma ABLE Tech, as an Assitive Technology Act Program, is funded by the ACL through the Assisitve Technology Act of 1998 (as amended (AT Act of 2004).

Community services offered by ABLE Tech are both long-term, contractual relationships with state agencies (Oklahoma State Department of Education [SoonerStart] and Oklahoma Health Care Authority [SoonerCare, as a provider of speech-generating devices]). 

Conferences are a third aspect of community service that ABLE Tech provides. TechAccessOK is Oklahoma's premier conference on accessibility issues for education, business, industry, and government. 

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