SoonerCare – Provider for Speech-Generating Devices

SoonerCare – Provider for Speech-Generating Devices

Oklahoma ABLE Tech collaborates with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) as a durable medical equipment (DME) provider of vending iPads, apps, and durable cases as speech-generating devices (SGD) to eligible members. 

The following requirements are needed to request ANY speech-generating device from SoonerCare - including those from Apple (iPad and app), Prentke Romich Company (PRC), Tobii Dynavox, and Saltillo, etc.

Requirements include:

1. AAC Evaluation conducted by a licensed SLP (completed within the last 6 months)
2. Video documentation demonstrating functional use (either on a DVD or flash drive that won't be returned). The entire video should be no more than 5-8 minutes.
3. Physician prescription stating device name, communication app name if an iPad, specific accessories (straps, key-guards, cases, etc) also need to be listed.
4. Letter of medical necessity if the statement of medical necessity is not in the prescription (See a sample of separate letter of medical necessity below; may be included on the prescription).
5. Copy of most recent visit with the doctor where expressive communication disorder (or nonverbal) is noted (visit on notes must be within a calendar year of the authorization request).
6. Release of Liability form signed by the parent/guardian (downloadable form below).
7. Copy of private insurance card, front and back, if applicable

The Fine Print - What You Need to Know

  • SoonerCare Approves Devices for Persons Up to Age 21
  • Evaluation Must Consider 3 Different Devices
  • The request MUST Be Submitted by a Licensed Speech Pathologist to Oklahoma ABLE Tech
  • Approved Requests Will Include the following:
    • An iPad (up to $499)
    • The appropriate communication application (see list of approved apps)
    • A durable case (Ex. Otterbox)
  • CPT/HCPCS Code for the iPad, app, and case is E2599 - Accessory for Speech-Generating Device, Not Otherwise Classified
  • SoonerCare is a payor of last resort. If the SoonerCare member has insurance coverage from more than one entity, the other entity(s) must be billed first for the SGD. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter must be presented to SoonerCare before they will pay the balance total for the SGD.

Need Assistance with Report Writing?

For assistance in writing the report and to access the forms needed, please visit AAC Funding (Your PRC and Saltillo Funding Source). This resource is designed to help people with requests for PRC equipment; however, the final report can be customized for any speech-generating device.

How to Submit Your Request

Once all required documentation has been collected, please submit your requests for iPads, apps, and durable cases as speech-generating devices to:

Email - Averie Hinchey:

Address - Oklahoma ABLE Tech
1514 W. Hall of Fame
Stillwater, OK 74078

Toll-free: 800.257.1705
405.744.2487 (fax)

Release of Liability Form

Download - Release of Liability Form: Word Document

Download - Release of Liability Form: PDf Document

Sample of Medical Necessity Form

Download - Sample of Medical Necessity Form: Word Document

Download - Sample of Medical Necessity Form: PDF Document

Which Apps are Approved?

The OHCA will consider approving apps, in addition to those listed below, if justified in the documentation submitted with the request.

Name Notes
  • Does not have “lite” version available
  • 368 MB
  • Adult & child voices to choose from
  • Over 7,000 vocabulary items; can add more
Sono Flex
  • Has over 50 pre-made topic vocabularies
  • 242 MB
  • Over 11,000 symbols included; can add more
  • Fully customizable
  • Adult & child voices
  • Free “lite” version available
  • Has free “lite” version available
  • 4 voices to choose from
  • Can add own symbols/photos
  • More suitable for children
  • Pre-configured with more than 2,300 words
  • Theme-based categories
  • 107 MB
  • Lite version available but no speech output
  • Uses recorded speech and comes with photo library
  • Add your own photos
  • Includes some videos
  • No “lite” version available
  • Uses recorded speech
  • Requires subscription to MyTalk Workspace to make additional displays
  • Includes one voice file (female)
  • Free “lite” version available
  • Need internet connection to edit & create new displays
  • Based on Unity language system
  • Only has user areas with 84 icons (45 and 60 not available)
  • Has three (3) vocabulary options: 1-Hit, Transition, Full (3,000+ words)
  • Includes one voice file (child), others available for download