Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Some people have difficulty comprehending written material due to visual, perceptual, or even physical differences. Yet if they have the ability to highlight the text, change fonts, have text read aloud, or translated into braille for tactile reading, these individuals may be able to read and comprehend better. They can do this with Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)!

Ensuring that individuals with disabilities are able to benefit from educational programs means that all types of instructional materials are produced and delivered in an accessible manner, whether they are books, documents, graphics, audio formats, videos, or electronic communications.

According to the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials, accessible educational materials, or AEM, are print- and technology-based educational materials, including printed and electronic textbooks and related core materials that are designed or enhanced in a way that makes them usable across the widest range of learner variability, regardless of format (e.g. print, digital, graphic, audio, video). Read more on the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials website.

Ensuring Availability of AEM

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all materials were created accessible? You can help make that happen!

Keep in mind that all curricular materials must be created, or adapted so that they are accessible to students with disabilities, whether the materials are purchased from publishers, created by teachers, or acquired online, such as in the case of Open Educational Resources (OER). When selecting curricular materials, schools should make every effort to purchase materials which are accessible. This will prevent them from having to invest time and money to adapt the materials for use by students with disabilities.

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Quality Indicators for AEM

How effective is your school in providing AEM? See the Quality Indicators for AEM to learn best practices, and request ABLE Tech training and assistance to improve your performance!

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