AT Services for PK-12

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ABLE Tech logoAs Oklahoma’s Assistive Technology Act Program, ABLE Tech contracts with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to provide Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services for Oklahoma public school students, educators, and families.

Oklahoma State Department of EducationTake advantage of expert training, consultations, and resources ABLE Tech has to offer!

The training and resources described on this page help school districts build capacity for quality provision of AT devices and services to help students with disabilities achieve success.

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AT Support Team Workshops

Attend our in-person workshops for hands-on learning! ABLE Tech in-person trainings take participants from theory to practice with case studies and hands-on activities to learn the steps for providing Assistive Technology (AT) to students in public schools. The 2018-19 lineup includes a three-workshop series which will be offered in Owasso during the fall, and repeated in Lawton in the spring.

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Some students are unable to read standard materials and need Accessible Educational Materials (AEM). ABLE Tech provides training and technical assistance to help schools provide AEM from a variety of sources, including Bookshare! 

AT Webinars and Video Resources

Educators are encouraged to participate in ABLE Tech Webinars presented live throughout the school-year and archived for on-demand access.

Online AT Curriculum

Learn about AT devices whenever you want! ABLE Tech has developed an online AT Curriculum for educators to learn at their own pace in place of, or in addition to, in-person workshops! Anyone with an Internet connection can access this training!

Professional Development Resources

The link above will take you to ABLE Tech's Documents Site and the QIAT Professional Development and Training in AT "Promising Practices." This page that can provide additional information on AT and related services from ABLE Tech and other state agencies.

AT Consultations & Assessment Resources

Do you have questions about specific students who many needd AT? We can help! Trained ABLE Tech staff are available to help a student and persons who are part of the student's support network (family member, teacher, therapist or counselor) identify, evaluate and acquire appropriate AT.

Device Loan Program

ABLE Tech’s AT loan inventory includes thousands of devices you borrow for free for up to six-week to try with your students! The loan purpose can be to assist in decision-making, fill a need while waiting for a device repair or funding; provide a short-term accommodation; or for professional development.

Sign Up! AT Listserv, QIAT Listserv and others

What is a Listserv? It is an automated mailing list program that became popular in the early days of the Internet in 1985. It continues to be popular due to its simplicity and the fact that it works over standard email.

Assistive Technology Listserv
Sign up for the Assistive Technology Listserv (AT-L) to receive weekly tips, monthly e-newsletters, and timely information about assistive technology (AT).

Email to be added to join the AT-L today!

QIAT Listserv
QIAT (Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology) also maintains a LISTSERV. The QIAT List is a public forum for participation from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences related to implementing the QIAT Objectives.

Find more information and sign up here. 

Additional AT Resources from OSDE

Oklahoma State Department of Education Memo:  Special Education Process Guide has been updated to reflect additional guidance regarding the inclusion of Assistive Technology on the IEP.

Policies for Providing Quality Training