AT Services for PK-12

AT Services for PK-12

ABLE Tech logoAs Oklahoma’s Assistive Technology Act Program, ABLE Tech contracts with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to provide Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services for Oklahoma public school students, educators, and families.

Take advantage of expert training, consultations, and resources that ABLE Tech has to offer!Oklahoma Department of Education logo

The training and resources described on this page help school districts build capacity for quality provision of AT devices and services to help students with disabilities achieve success.


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions –
Assistive Technology (AT) Devices and Services

What is the difference between technology and assistive technology (AT)?
Assistive technology (AT) is any device used to help students with disabilities do tasks they would otherwise be unable to do. It is also the service that assists students with disabilities in the selection, acquisition, and use of AT.

How is COVID-19 impacting ABLE Tech’s services?
Currently, ABLE Tech offices are closed to the public. Services that would have been received in-person are now available in different formats: AT Demonstrations can be completed virtually. Needed, short-term loan devices will be shipped. No-contact transfers of equipment for pick-up and drop-off are also an option.

Can I still borrow a device to try from ABLE Tech?
Yes, ABLE Tech is working on OSU’s campus to fulfill needed AT short-term device loans that assist students and families in completing school tasks virtually or in-person. Click here to borrow up to 3 items at a time for approximately 4-6 weeks: Please allow additional time for preparation as we follow the safety protocol for sanitization between uses.

I have an iPad, and I want to try an app. Can ABLE Tech help?
Yes, ABLE Tech has dozens of AT apps for use by students. If a student has access to an iPad, ABLE Tech can remotely deploy an app to the iPad. A short-term loan request form must be completed online, via fax, or snail mail.

I have a laptop/Chromebook and want to try an extension. Can ABLE Tech help?
Yes, ABLE Tech staff can remotely consult on the individual needs of students to determine software, online resources, and extensions available to assist students with specific curricular tasks.

Are there specific resources online that can help my students with access to reading supports?
Yes, the following are commonly shared resources:

1. Bookshare (

2. Learning Ally ( - $135/year

  • Online
  • App (

Virtual Services: Will ABLE Tech continue to consult on students’ AT needs?
Yes, ABLE Tech uses the phone, email, and virtual meetings (Ex. Zoom and FaceTime) to provide consultation services to educators, related service providers, administrators, and parents/caregivers.

Is ABLE Tech conducting professional development training at this time?
Yes, ABLE Tech continues to offer professional development training. Please check the website at for updates and opportunities. The online AT curriculum is also available at

Can I still receive a demonstration of assistive technology?
Yes, AT Demonstrations can be completed virtually with staff comparing and contrasting the features of the AT so that an informed decision can be made regarding whether or not AT will benefit the student.


AT Discovery

A concise and comprehensive resource on specific disabilities (research, Q & A, helpful videos, and recommendations) - right here on our site.

ABLE Tech  - AT Support Team 3-Part Workshops

Attend our virtual workshops! ABLE Tech training takes participants from theory to practice with case studies and activities to learn the steps for providing Assistive Technology (AT) to students in public schools. The 2020-21 lineup includes a three-workshop series that will be offered virtually during the fall and repeated in the spring.

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Some students are unable to read standard materials and need Accessible Educational Materials (AEM). ABLE Tech provides training and technical assistance to help schools provide AEM from a variety of sources, including Bookshare!

Videos and Webinars

ABLE Tech's YouTube channel with a variety of topics

Online AT Curriculum

Learn about AT devices whenever you want! ABLE Tech has developed an online AT Curriculum for educators (link takes you to an external website) to learn at their own pace in place of, or in addition to, in-person workshops! Anyone with an Internet connection can access this training!

Professional Development Resources

The link above will take you to ABLE Tech's Documents Site (link takes you to an external website) and the QIAT Professional Development and Training in AT "Promising Practices." This page can provide additional information on AT and related services from ABLE Tech and other state agencies.

AT Consultations & Assessment Resources

Do you have questions about specific students who many need AT? We can help! Trained ABLE Tech staff are available to help a student and persons who are part of the student's support network (link takes you to an external website). We assist family members, teachers, therapists, or counselors to identify, evaluate, and acquire appropriate AT.

Device Loan Program

ABLE Tech's AT loan process allows Oklahomans to register, login, and submit requests to borrow devices.

Apply Now

Submit your application online here

ABLE Tech’s AT Loan Inventory includes thousands of devices you borrow for free for up to six-week to try with your students! The loan purpose can be to assist in decision-making, fill a need while waiting for a device repair or funding; provide short-term accommodation; or for professional development.

Policies for Providing Quality Training