SoonerStart Collaboration

SoonerStart Collaboration

The mission of the SoonerStart Early Intervention Program is to use an individualized, comprehensive, coordinated system of services and supports to enhance the abilities of Oklahoma infants and toddlers with disabilities and developmental delays, and strengthen the capacity of their families to support their development. The Oklahoma State Department of Education is the lead agency for the SoonerStart program.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech and SoonerStart hope to provide assistive technology (AT) to infants and toddlers, birth to 36 months. ABLE Tech provides AT to SoonerStart teams in the form of assessment kits. SoonerStart uses these kits when working with families in their homes. The goal is to increase awareness of AT that may benefit children with disabilities in the SoonerStart program.

How This Collaboration Makes a Difference

Pediatric Walker Loan Program

Oklahoma ABLE Tech has received 16 pediatric walkers, purchased new, from a very special family. We are collaborating with SoonerStart to disseminate these walkers across the state. 

Only a few of the Small sizes available.

Priority will be given to non-SoonerCare members who are receiving SoonerStart services. 

Thank you for your generous donation


Direct Link  |  AT-TA Guide: Assistive Technology for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities, IDEA Part C 
("Docs" site)

HTML version  |  Technical Assistance Guide: "At A Glance"

PDF version  |  SoonerStart and ABLE Tech Collaboration Brochure


SoonerStart Collaboration VIDEO

SoonerStart Success Story

Tristen playing

Tristan is a 3-year-old with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. He becomes frustrated when unable to communicate needs and wants with daily activities. Tristan's SoonerStart provider trialed an iPad with LAMP and had excellent success! Tristan now becomes excited, gestures, and squeals when using the app to communicate.

Tristan's family borrowed an iPad from ABLE Tech’s Device Short-Term Loan Program for a trial then met with the rest of the IFSP team and the Berryhill School District for his transition conference. The district offered to provide the LAMP app on the family's iPad to foster Tristan’s future communication needs.