SoonerStart Collaboration

SoonerStart Collaboration

Collaboration Overview

The Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Department of Health partner to provide the SoonerStart Early Intervention Program. Oklahoma ABLE Tech partners with SoonerStart to provide assistive technology (A.T.) to infants and toddlers, birth to three, with disabilities. ABLE Tech provides A.T. to SoonerStart teams in the form of assessment kits. SoonerStart uses these kits when working with families. The goal is to increase access to and acquisition of A.T. that may benefit children with disabilities in the SoonerStart program.

Assistive Technology (A.T.) for Early Intervention

Definition of A.T.

A.T. is any piece of equipment or device used to improve the capabilities of children with disabilities. A.T. is also a service that directly assists in the selection, acquisition, and use of an A.T. device.


  • Computer Access - adaptive keyboard/mouse
  • Daily Living - modified eating utensils, calming sleep aids, universal cuffs to help with gripping items
  • Environmental Adaptations - sensory regulation items, visual schedules, and switches to turn on toys/appliances
  • Hearing - amplification devices, alert devices, and safety devices to secure hearing aids
  • Speech Communication - picture boards, talking switches, and speech-generating devices
  • Learning, Cognition, Development - adapted books, early literacy apps, and task timers
  • Recreation - switch-adapted toys, adapted games/puzzles, and musical instruments
  • Vision - lightboxes, braille blocks, and apps and built-in features on an iPad
  • Mobility, Seating, Positioning - adapted highchairs/strollers, seats, and other devices with straps or material providing positioning support
  • Vehicle Modifications - customized car seats, vehicles with wheelchair access, and devices that assist with unbuckling

A.T. Overview Resources

As Oklahoma’s A.T. Act Program, ABLE Tech contracts with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to provide A.T. devices and services for Oklahoma children ages birth to three. The A.T. overview below is a resource to help children, families, caregivers, and service providers to increase access to and acquisition of devices that benefit children in the statewide SoonerStart program.

A.T. Demonstration Kits

ABLE Tech provides all 26 SoonerStart teams across the state with an A.T. assessment kit. These kits include A.T. to increase independence in accessing the environment, playing, seeing, hearing, speaking/communicating, pre-reading, seating/positioning/mobility, and daily living activities. The A.T. is demonstrated to families to help them make an informed decision about whether or not A.T. will assist the child in participating in activities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do.

ABLE Tech Programs and Services

Core Programs and Services:

Learn about specific types of A.T .by comparing the features through virtual/hands-on exploration.

Borrow A.T. for 4 to 6 weeks to determine if it meets an individual’s needs before purchasing.

.Reassigns refurbished and repaired equipment to Oklahomans in need; also facilitates person-to-person transfer of AT.

Apply for financing options that offer low interest and flexible repayment terms for purchasing needed A.T.

Additional Services:

A.T. Consultations

ABLE Tech assists individuals via phone, email, or other virtual platforms in identifying, assessing, and acquiring appropriate A.T. devices and services.

A.T. Discovery

A.T. Discovery is a clearinghouse for information related to A.T. devices and services. It includes case studies including people of all ages and disabilities in all environments of education, employment, and community living; tips; financial/funding information; videos; and links.

A.T. Funding Guide

The A.T. Funding Guide helps individuals find public and private sources for funding DME and A.T. in Oklahoma. The guide contains fact sheets including eligibility criteria, A.T. devices and services covered, the application process, and contact information for over 60 funding options in the state.

A.T. Services for PK-12

ABLE Tech contracts with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to provide various A.T. devices and services for Oklahoma public school students, educators, and families.

Special Education Resolution Services (SERC)

The SERC program offers innovative programs that assist school districts and parents in settling disputes regarding the Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) of students with disabilities.

ABLE Tech Early Childhood Resources

ABLE Tech SoonerCare iPad Vending Program (Video)

ABLE Tech serves as a DME Provider for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority vending iPads, apps, cases, and limited accessories for use as speech generating devices for children who qualify as SoonerCare members.

A.T. For Early Literacy (Video)

Learn about A.T. devices and ideas to support the development of early literacy skills for infants, toddlers, and children who are not yet reading.

A.T. Kit Overview (Video)

ABLE Tech demonstrates how to use A.T. in the assessment kits provided to SoonerStart teams across the state.

A.T. Overview (Video)

An overview of A.T. to help children, families, caregivers, and service providers increase access to and acquisition of devices that benefit children with disabilities.

Basics of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) (Video)

AAC can be a solution that helps people effectively and efficiently communicate, and this video will help viewers explore various no-, low-, mid-, and high-tech options.

Bookshare for all Ages (Video)

Tips and tricks for using Bookshare to read accessible, digital text.

Funding A.T. for Infants and Toddlers - Medicaid (Video)

Details regarding Medicaid and its provision of A.T. for infants and toddlers in Oklahoma.

Funding A.T. for Infants and Toddlers - SoonerStart (Video)

SoonerStart Early Intervention Services and its role in providing A.T. devices and services for infants and toddlers.

Make ‘n Takes (Website)

Discover how easy it is to make low-tech A.T. solutions using items typically found in the home.

SoonerStart ABLE Tech Part C Collaboration Video

ABLE Tech collaboration with SoonerStart to promote the use of A.T. to support infants and toddlers who have disabilities.

Early Childhood Apps (Word document)

Discover and explore learning apps for early childhood




SoonerStart Collaboration VIDEO

SoonerStart Success Story

Jonathon playing at his home

Jonathan is a 1-year-old from Oklahoma County. Jonathan is often mouthing toys, shopping carts, and his mom’s leg. He also bites inappropriate objects to seek out oral stimulation. Jonathan's Oklahoma County SoonerStart therapist introduced the Z-vibe during therapy. It is an innovative, vibrating tool for oral motor therapy used to normalize sensitivities and improve speech.

This assistive technology (A.T.) device is included in the demonstration kit provided through a collaboration with ABLE Tech’s A.T. Demonstration Program. By utilizing the Z-vibe daily, Jonathan is now able to seek proper items to meet his oral needs. Jonathan’s mother and therapist report Jonathan has increased vocalizations, smiles, and interactions with others.