Under Construction – Smart Home Technology Demonstration Sites

Shelley and Shelby meet with an aging-in-place specialist in the Oklahoma City-based Device Reutilization Program to determine how to best use the space for a demo site, explore AT options, and learn more about aging in place.

Through an initiative funded by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma ABLE Tech will partner with Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) to develop/expand two new Smart Technology Demonstration spaces. The idea sparked from a collaboration with DDS, ABLE Tech, and Aging Services with discussions around the need to provide education, training, and hands-on experience to guide individuals, families, and providers in better understanding and using smart technology and remote supports. With DDS’s support, the idea has become a reality. Soon individuals will have two new locations to visit and learn about enabling technologies that increase independence and quality of life!

ABLE Tech will host two demonstration sites. The first in development will be located at the ABLE Tech Reutilization office, newly relocated to 4301 Will Roger Parkway in Oklahoma City. This new space will allow for easy, accessible access for hands-on explorations and will include an adaptive kitchen, bathroom, and general living area where various pieces of smart technology and assistive technology can be explored, trialed, and demonstrated.

The second location will be developed at the ABLE Tech office located at Oklahoma State University and will begin development in the second phase of the project. Bethany Children’s Health Center will be providing a third location for smart home demonstration and technologies, and a fourth location will be identified for the Tulsa area. All participating project partners believe these four locations will be easily accessed to serve all Oklahomans - whether in person or through virtual options for individuals who are unable to travel to the site location – to gain the education, training, and hands-on exploration to meet the goals of the project:

  • Allowing individuals to age in place in their own homes and community.
  • Allowing individuals to move out of group residential living placements into their own homes.
  • Provide increased independence through additional support to individuals when their caregivers work or are away from the home.
  • Increase the opportunity to use self-determination skills, decision-making skills, and exercise increased judgment for people in their own homes.

Updates on the progress will be provided on the Oklahoma ABLE Tech website and social media channels. Stay tuned to schedule your tour!