The “Frog” Days of Summer!

The NovaChat 8, Frog Switch and Switch Adapted Fan are all placed on a table in the Device Demonstration room.
It’s officially the “frog” days of summer! Check out these frog-themed assistive technology (AT) devices to add some summer fun to your device short-term loans!
Pictured left to right are the NovaChat 8, Speckles the Frog Animal Switch, and the Switch Adapted Clip-on Fan.
The Nova Chat 8 is a communication system that offers Chat software on an Android platform, featuring a 8″ display, switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other Chat features. This device has vocabulary configurations including SymbolStix symbols and PCS symbols. This device comes with various keyguards and a carrying case.
Speckles the Frog Animal Switch is a soft, colorful switch option. Press or squeeze the tummy of the frog and it will activate any switch-adapted device.
The Switch Adapted Clip-on Fan is a battery-powered fan with a frog-shaped clamp. This fan can help individuals who have limited mobility access a fan by using an external switch to activate the fan.
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