Stillwater Smart Home Demonstration Site

The front door to the Stillwater office is propped open. To the right, there is a large frosted pane of glass with an OSU logo and text that says Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Student Accessibility Services.

Did you know there is a Smart Home Demonstration Space in our Stillwater office?

Individuals can visit to learn about assistive and enabling technologies from various categories that can enhance their daily lives. These demonstration sites allow for hands-on exploration, which helps match individuals to needed technologies.

Individuals, providers, and service staff will be educated about how technologies can be integrated into existing programs and how they can adapt their roles to meet the changing needs of the individuals they serve.

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In the living room, there is a recliner and a couch. In front of them, there is a coffee table and entertainment center with the TV mounted above. On the left wall, there is text that reads, "Sponsored Programs. Department of Wellness." Throughout the room, there is various AT on all of the surfaces.
The accessible shower is built into the wall. In it, there are grab bars, a shower chair, and a pair of pants on a dressing aid. To the left, there is a set of built-in shelves stocked with various Daily Living AT.