Smart Home Demonstrations Now Available for DDS Waitlist Families

Enabling technology helps individuals with disabilities live independently.

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 9, 2023) — Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) waitlist families can now experience how enabling technology can improve their quality of life and independence, while reducing their reliance on caregivers. Oklahoma Human Services launched a new project with Oklahoma ABLE Tech to demonstrate how waitlist families can utilize smart home technology.

Enabling technology is any technology that helps an individual gain or achieve independence in their home, community or work environments.

Smart Home sites feature a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, showcasing enabling and assistive technologies and how to use them in each space.

As more families transition onto DDS services, demand for caregivers is increasing. Smart Home demonstrations inform families on tools and services available to them that lighten the burden on caregivers, both paid and unpaid.

"We are committed to finding innovative ways to improve the lives of Oklahomans who need extra assistance to live independently,” said DDS Business Process Engineer Miranda Hutchison. "Resources like enabling technology and services, digital advocacy, and education are all part of the steps Oklahoman Human Services takes to support families every step of the way." 

Enabling technology allows individuals to control appliances, dispense medicines and monitor for health alerts. The technologies also help individuals manage their safety with items like video doorbells, induction stovetops and grab bars. There is also task assistance software to help people with disabilities gain greater independence in managing their daily life.

The Smart Home demonstration sites are available for any Oklahoman who wishes to learn about enabling technology, assistive technology and home modification to help people live safely and independently. 

While these products aren’t available for purchase at the Smart Home demonstration sites, Oklahoma ABLE Tech staff can share where to buy them. For DDS families, some of these technologies may be covered by the waiver, so families should coordinate with their case manager.

The demonstration site in Oklahoma City is open. To schedule a tour, contact Additional demonstration sites in Stillwater and at the Bethany Children’s Health Center will open later this year.

For media inquiries, contact:
Ryan Stewart, Oklahoma Human Services, DDS Communications Coordinator
Phone: 405-549-9188

View the original release on the Oklahoma Human Services website.