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A blue and white graphic with text that reads "Empowering Voices: Effective AAC Evaluations." Below the text is a clipart image of a light-skinned boy with short black hair holding an AAC device and more text "Saturday, April 6, 2024. Stillwater, OK."

April 6 in Stillwater, OK, is your last chance in Spring 2024 to attend Empowering Voices!

A previous attendee said “It’s a great course! I appreciate all the information I gained when I participated last week. Highly recommend!”

Attendees will learn how to conduct an effective AAC evaluation/assessment using the SETT framework and explore feature matching. Additionally, Averie and staff introduce report writing, funding options, and moderate hands-on exploration of light/low/no-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech speech communication assistive technology (AT).

The course is designed for speech therapists, educators, and other professionals (i.e., occupational therapists, physical therapists, paraprofessionals) who work with individuals of all ages with communication difficulties.

Learn more and register for the class on the AAC Workshops webpage at!