ABLE Tech Connect – Vol. 1, Issue 1

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Modernizing the Assistive Technology (AT) Act 

Passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate through the authorization of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on December 14, 2022, the 21st Century Assistive Technology (AT) Act reauthorizes the AT Act of 2004.  

The purpose of this Act is to “support State efforts to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages, including underrepresented populations, through comprehensive statewide programs of technology-related assistance.”  

This bill modernizes and updates the current law. View the Full Bill and Summary of the 21st Century AT Act 

ABLE Tech is the state of Oklahoma's AT Act Program. Located at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, our mission is to improve the lives of all Oklahomans by providing assistive technology (AT) devices and services, financing opportunities, digital accessibility services, advocacy, and education! 

Oklahoma ABLE Tech FFY22 By the Numbers

Every year ABLE Tech works to enhance assistive technology (AT) services for people with disabilities in the state. In the federal fiscal year 2022 (FFY22), ABLE Tech received $493,519 from the Administration for Community Living of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help Oklahomans access and acquire needed AT as well as provide training, technical assistance, public awareness, and information and assistance to those in need. These funds coupled with $1.27 million in leveraged dollars resulted in savings and benefits to Oklahomans for a total of $3.4 million! Over 34,000 individuals participated in ABLE Tech’s programs and services.  

We are so thankful to all agencies and organizations who partnered with us to enhance AT services for people with disabilities including: 

  • Oklahoma Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) 
  • Developmental Disabilities Council of Oklahoma (DDCO) 
  • National Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) Center 
  • Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) 
  • Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) 
  • Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) 
  • Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) 
  • Southwest Americans with Disabilities Act Center (SWADA) 

Thank you for partnering with us for another outstanding year! 

AT Device Highlight

A laptop-like device sits on a stand, magnifying the text of the book underneath itThe CloverBook Pro is a 12.5-inch video magnifier with full-page text-to-speech scanning and an optional touchscreen. It is perfect for students and professionals. The portable design makes it easy to move between class, work, and home. An additional full screen can be added to your CloverBook Pro to double your screen space. It provides a split-screen experience for distance/close views and connects to a computer to create an all-in-one magnification workstation experience.

See the CloverBook Pro on NATADS, our device inventory management system.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech's Short-Term Device Loan inventory offers almost 5,000 devices in many AT categories including speech communication, computer access, hearing, vision, daily living, environmental adaptations, learning/development, recreation, mobility, seating, and positioning. Visit the Device Loan Program webpage to learn more.

OkAT Receives iFund Grant to Support Device Reutilization Efforts

The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) is pleased to announce it has received a $20,000 grant from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and its Services for the Elderly iFund grant program. The grant will be used to assist in funding the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Donation project. In partnership with the Oklahoma ABLE Tech Reutilization Program, this $20,000 grant will help serve individuals 65 and older in the Oklahoma City metro area that need DME.

Read the whole press release.

Help us shorten our device waitlist! Donate new or gently-used durable medical equipment (DME) and our Device Reutilization Program staff will clean, refurbish (if necessary), and redistribute the DME to another Oklahoman in need. This program is 100% donation-based – community contribution is important! Now is the time to schedule a DME pick-up or drop-off OR make a tax-deductible financial contribution!

An arm cuff blood pressure monitor and a wrist cuff blood pressure monitor sit on a shelf at the ABLE Tech Reutilization Program office.

Low-Vision Web Tools for Accessibility

Have you ever thought about how people with low vision might experience your digital content?

As you create content, it will help you to see how people with low vision may see your website or document. There are several tools you can use to simulate various vision disabilities, but remember, these tools are simulations and are not representative of the full experience

Funkify is one extension you can use on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to simulate a variety of disabilities, including visual disabilities. Once you install the extension, choose “Start” on any of the simulations you’d like to try, such as Blurry Bianca, Tunnel Toby, and Peripheral Pierre. A more basic simulation example can be found on the Ft. Worth Lighthouse for the Blind website, as well.

Now that you’ve experienced what low vision may feel like, what can you do to help? Here are some tips:

  1. Use larger text fonts than you may have before.
  2. Don’t use images of text – use real text instead.
  3. Test your page by zooming in and making sure everything is still visible.
    • Tip: To Zoom in on your browser or some applications, use CTRL +/- (plus or minus key) on Windows and CMD +/- (plus or minus key) on Mac
  4. Ensure that no horizontal scroll is added when content is enlarged

SoonerStart Success Story & Quarterly Winner

A toddler girl with fair skin and strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a red and white outfit. The girl is sitting at a kitchen bar in a gray and white highchair looking at an iPad with a black case. The little girl is engaging with the iPad using her pointer finger.Collyns is a two-year-old energetic and friendly girl who was born with Down syndrome. She is persistent, determined, and adapts well to different learning situations. Collyns struggles to express her wants, needs, requests, and protests with family and friends. SoonerStart providers, along with Collyns’s family, developed goals to increase her receptive and expressive communication. 

Oklahoma ABLE Tech’s Device Demonstration Program enabled the family to compare the features and benefits of three different speech communication apps. After trialing apps through ABLE Tech’s Short-Term Loan Program, the Proloquo2Go app was selected as the best fit to assist Collyns with communication exchanges with new people and to increase her interactions with familiar people in multiple environments. Through collaboration with Collyns’s family, SoonerStart providers, and Oklahoma ABLE Tech staff, Collyns is now regularly using her recently acquired speech communication device—with great success! 

Second Quarter Team Winner

The Oklahoma County SoonerStart team has earned the Second Quarter Recognition Award! The team will receive $500 in new AT to add to their demonstration kit!

Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council (ORC) Updates

The Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council (ORC) is proud to support the 2023 People with Disabilities Awareness Day (PWDAD) event. This year’s event will be held on March 7, 2023, from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Oklahoma History Center.

Visit the PWDAD website for additional information about the event and the registration link.

Admission to the building and PWDAD is free. There is also a reduced gallery rate available for attendees who wish to take advantage of their visit to the Oklahoma History Center.

Want to be an exhibitor? Visit the PWDAD Exhibitor Information webpage!

If you have any questions or need help registering, please call (405) 951-3478 or email,

ORC’s next Quarterly Meeting is set for Thursday, February 16, at 9:30 am at the Department of Rehabilitation Service (DRS) State Office located at 3535 NW 58th St., Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73112. Meetings are open to the public.

For more information about ORC, visit their website.

Special Education Resolution Center (SERC) - Executive Function Webinar Recap

On December 21, 2022, the Special Education Resolution Center (SERC) hosted a webinar in the Wisdom Wednesday series on the topic of Executive Functioning. Executive function skills are something most of us don’t think about – it just happens! Executive function refers to skills that help us focus, plan, prioritize, work toward goals, self-regulate behaviors and emotions, adapt to new and unexpected situations, and ultimately engage in abstract thinking and planning. In this brief presentation, further definitions, and strategies for addressing executive functioning were discussed.

Presented by: Dr. Kaylin Coody Oklahoma Schools Advisory Council

Watch the webinar on YouTube!

For more information about SERC, visit their website!

Under Construction - SmartHome Technology Demonstration Sites

Shelley and Shelby meet with an aging-in-place specialist in the Oklahoma City-based Device Reutilization Program to determine how to best use the space for a demo site, explore AT options, and learn more about aging in place.Through an initiative funded by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, ABLE Tech will partner with Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) to develop/expand two new Smart Technology Demonstration spaces. The idea sparked from a collaboration with DDS, ABLE Tech, and Aging Services with discussions around the need to provide education, training, and hands-on experience to guide individuals, families, and providers in better understanding and using smart technology and remote supports. With DDS’s support, the idea has become a reality. Soon individuals will have two new locations to visit and learn about enabling technologies that increase independence and quality of life!

Read more about the Demo Site Project!

Student Accessibility Services Update

It’s official! Student Accessibility Services has moved in! You can now find them in the Seretean Wellness Center, on the west side of the Colvin Recreation Center on the Oklahoma State University-Stillwater campus. SAS is committed to providing a community that ensures full participation for OSU students. SAS reviews documentation and determines reasonable accommodations and resources for students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Learn more at

Parking map for access to the Student Accessibility Services office. Parking is available off the south side of Hall of Fame Avenue in both the lot directly west and the lot directly north of the Seretean Wellness Center.

Oklahoma AT Center Locations and Partners

Oklahoma ABLE Tech and its partners operate device demonstration and loan programs to increase access to AT.

  • Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma Chapter
    Tulsa, 918-392-5009
  • Bethany Children's Health Center
    Bethany, 405-789-6711
  • Handicapped Vehicle Services Unlimited
    Tulsa, 918-622-8400
  • Indian Nations Council of Governments,
    Area Agency on Aging
    Tulsa, 918-579-9477
  • Kiamichi Economic Development District of Oklahoma,
    Area Agency on Aging

    Wilburton, 918-465-2367
  • Moore Autism Center
    Moore, 405-735-8478
  • Newby-Vance Mobility
    Guthrie, 405-518-0167
  • NewView Oklahoma
    Oklahoma City, 405-521-4880
    Tulsa, 855-811-9699
  • Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services
    Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired

    Oklahoma City, 405-951-3400
  • OSU – Department of Communication
    Sciences & Disorders
    Stillwater, 405-744-6021
  • SoonerStart
    Oklahoma City, 405-271-8333
  • Speech Pathway, LLC
    Oklahoma City, 405-652-9683
  • United Access
    Oklahoma City, 888-939-1010

OSU Department of Wellness - Accessibility Programs Staff

  • Todd Misener, Chief Wellness Officer/Director, OSU Department of Wellness
  • Allyson Robinson, SLP, Assistant Director
  • Jo Anne Blades, SERC Program Manager
  • Austin Bricker, Reutilization Senior Administrative Support Specialist
  • Richard Buntin, Fiscal Operations Specialist
  • Carolina Colclasure, ORC Program Manager
  • Gretchen Cole-Lade, State Leadership Training Specialist
  • Leslie Dady, Administrative Operations Specialist
  • Lisa Dobson, SAS Program Coordinator
  • Shannon Esmeyer, SERC Administrative Assistant
  • Shelley Gladden, State Level Program Manager
  • Brent Greyson, Instructional Design & Accessibility Specialist
  • Peyton Haley, Accessible Communications Coordinator
  • Terri Harris, Senior Administrative Support Specialist
  • Josh Hawkins, State Leadership Program Manager
  • Averie Hinchey, Speech-Language Pathologist Specialist
  • Stephanie Hesser, Financial Loan Program Specialist
  • Rob Keiter, SERC Program Coordinator
  • Angie Larison, SAS Accessibility Specialist
  • Lyssa Prince, Digital Accessibility Program Manager
  • Natalie Rohwer, Financial Loan Program Coordinator
  • Lindsey Romero-Kopenhagen, SAS Administrative Support Assistant
  • Louise Ruleford, Program Specialist
  • Shelby Sanders, Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Brian Sargent, Reutilization Site Coordinator
  • Adam Thiel, Digital Accessibility Coordinator
  • Amy Woods, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Kimberly Young, Reutilization Program Specialist
  • Michele Young, Fiscal Grant Manager

Please call 800.257.1705 for more information. The Oklahoma State University Department of Wellness is the lead agency for Oklahoma ABLE Tech. ABLE Tech is funded through the Administration for Community Living of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and maintains coordination and collaboration efforts with partners throughout the state of Oklahoma.