2019 FALL Newsletter – 1st Qtr –

2019 FALL Newsletter – 1st Qtr –

ABLE Tech Education Services
Developing Assistive Technology Teams

ABLE Tech is continually working to help school districts build capacity to provide Assistive Technology (AT) services to students with disabilities. Each year, ABLE Tech offers free trainings for district AT Teams to learn the processes which will allow them to consider AT for each student on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and to match students with the tools that can help them reach their educational goals.

But who makes up an AT Team? The answer depends on a variety of factors such as district size, student population, staffing, and budget. Contrary to what you may think, not all team members must be knowledgable of AT; it is more important to know how to obtain information when needed. The most common positions included on AT teams are listed below in order of most frequent inclusion:

  • Teacher

  • Speech Language Pathologist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Administrative/Coordinator i.e. Special Education Director or AT Specialist

  • Technical Assistant/Paraprofessional

  • Secretarial Support

  • Physical Therapist

  • Vision Specialist

  • Hearing Specialist

  • Diagnostician

  • Recreation Therapist

  • Rehab Engineer

Another consideration is the purpose of the team- whether it will provide direct service to students, or will provide consultation and resources to the educators who are working closely with the student, such as IEP teams. Some districts have one or more AT Teams that conduct assessments for all students, whereas others will provide training and resources to support site-based teams serving individual students. Each of these models has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a district-wide team may have expert knowledge of AT, but excessive wait times for providing assessments, while a local team may better understand the needs of individual students, but may not have adequate knowledge of available tools.

By taking advantage of a statewide AT Act Programs such as ABLE Tech, many teams are letting go of the belief that they must know everything there is to know about all devices. This allows teams to focus on the processes which ensure quality AT services to all students with disabilities.

ABLE Tech trainings are designed to meet the needs of teams wherever they are on this continuum. Following the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) https://qiat.org/, we provide guidance on all aspects of the AT Assessment process, including AT in Transition, Professional Development and Evaluation of Effectiveness. Visit https://www.okabletech.org/ or call 800.257.1705 to learn more about ABLE Tech AT Support Team Training.

SoonerStart & ABLE Tech
Comanche County Success Story

This 2 ½-year-old with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder received SoonerStart early intervention services from the Comanche County Team. Prior to integrating assistive technology, this child had difficulty expressing his needs to his family.

His SoonerStart intervention team implemented using a visual schedule, first/then task chart along with item picture cards for choice-making. This child quickly transitioned to utilize an iPad with the Proloquo2go communication application. His mother has embraced his use of this communication tool and reports that his daily tantrums and meltdowns have decreased. She also reports that she has noticed more verbal imitation since the implementation of the assistive technology.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech and SoonerStart are happy to collaborate to ensure infants and toddlers have access to assistive technology services!

1st Quarter Team Winner Announced

The Cleveland County SoonerStart team wins and will receive $500 in new assistive technology (AT) to include in their county kits. Congratulations!

FREE Smoke Alarms & Alert Equipment for Oklahomans with Disabilities

For the sixth consecutive year, the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to install smoke alarms and specialized alert equipment in the homes of Oklahomans with disabilities. This equipment alerts and gives them as much time as possible to escape a fire in their home. This year’s grant provides this life-saving equipment for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, low vision, or use a mobility device.

Trained professionals from grant partners Oklahoma ABLE Tech and Fire Protection Publications, (both at Oklahoma State University), take applications and install the equipment for the consumer by appointment, and provide them valuable fire prevention education to help them be more fire safe in their homes.

There is no cost to the consumer for the equipment or the installation. Applications and information are available at www.okabletech.org/fire-safety or by calling ABLE Tech (800-257-1705). To qualify, applicants only need to have a professional attest to their disability.

OK State Regents for Higher Education to Offer Accessability Training

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is helping the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education kick off a new Academic Online Excellence Consortium by providing 5 regional ICT, (information and communications technology), accessibility trainings. The Consortium will be a membership-driven group comprised of higher education institutions around the state.

This collaboration was developed from conversations within the Regents’ Council on Online Learning Excellence. Each training session will include some hands-on ICT accessibility instruction.

Thank you to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the Online Consortium and COLE members for making accessibility the first focus of the Online Consortium professional development offerings. Special thanks also to Rose State College, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, East Central University, Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Tulsa Community College for hosting the events!

OKDMERP & OEE: Under One Roof

This past summer, the location of Oklahoma Equipment Exchange (OEE) joined the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP) in occupying offices at 3325 N. Lincoln Blvd. in Oklahoma City. This location has been the home of OKDMERP for almost seven years and now, with both Reutilization programs under the same roof, the mission of reutilization is enhanced.

With the relocation of OEE, formerly housed at the ABLE Tech offices in Stillwater, citizens seeking either exchange or open-ended durable medical equipment loans have an easily accessed location to drop-off or pick-up. Additionally, the joining of the two programs streamlines the processing of information, use of personnel, and consolidation of needed resources to support both programs. Linda Jaco, Associate Director of Sponsored Programs, commented, “We believe this joining of OKDMERP and OEE in a single location is yet another positive step in improving reutilization of DME/AT devices to benefit Oklahomans with disabilities. There are new plans to solicit more donations of durable medical equipment and supplies; having everything under one roof can certainly benefit people statewide.”

ABLE Tech Financial Loan Program

Oklahoma ABLE Tech in partnership with the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater offers a Financial Loan Program to Oklahomans with disabilities.

This Financial Loan is a low interest and/or guaranty loan that provides individuals with disabilities or those that have a dependent with a disability the opportunity to borrow money for the purchase of needed assistive technology. Additionally, the program can provide financial loans to individuals with disabilities that need equipment to meet an employment telework goal. Contact us at 405-744-9863 or 1-800-257-1705.

Oklahoma AT Center Locations

Oklahoma ABLE Tech and its partners operate device demonstration and device loan programs to increase access to AT. Inventory is available and searchable online, and individuals may borrow devices for up to six weeks at no cost. Visit http://at.okstate.edu

  • Oklahoma ABLE Tech
  • Hearing Loss Association
  • NewView Oklahoma
  • OSU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • The Children’s Center
  • Pathways Therapy Center
  • Moore Autism Center
  • Alzheimer’s Association of OKC
  • The Scholl Center
  • Kiamichi Economic Development District
  • Areawide Aging Agency
  • Indian Nations Council of Governments

Adaptive Baby Care Device Feature

ABLE Tech’s Adaptive Baby Care Equipment for Parents with Disabilities (ABC Program) can help parents with disabilities complete baby care tasks easier and more safely. For a parent or grandparent with pain or weakness in the hands, such as arthritis, unbuckling a child’s car seat can be a real challenge.

The ABC Program has recently added an Unbuckle Me to the inventory of equipment available for parents with disabilities. The Unbuckle Me™ easily slides around the buckle and uses leverage to make it more than 50% easier to unbuckle. It’s Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) approved for safety.

AT Device Feature
Chat Fusion 10 (with Keyguards)

Chat Fusion 10 is a unique communication device from Saltillo. Fusion offers multiple access methods including Chat Point (optional head pointing), a front and rear camera, and extended battery life. Single or dual switch and advanced scanning features are incorporated into the device as well.

Learn about this device and more in the Oklahoma ABLE Tech Inventory. (http://at.okstate.edu/detail.php?item_id=3700)

Oklahoma ABLE Tech New Staff

  • Dawn Aaron, Administrative Assistant
  • Amy Woods, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Kim O’Meilia, Communications Coordinator, Accessible Formats

Oklahoma ABLE Tech 
Home Office Location

1514 W. Hall of Fame | Stillwater, OK 74078
Ph: 405.744.9748 or 800.257.1705 (V/TTY)
Fax: 405.744.2487 | abletech@okstate.edu

Website: www.okabletech.org

OSU Department of Wellness
Todd Misener, Chief Wellness Officer OSU Department of Wellness

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Staff
LINDA JACO, Associate Director & Director of Sponsored Programs

DAWN AARON, Administrative Assistant

DINA ANDERSON, Occupational Therapist Specialist


ROB CARR, ICT Accessibility Program Manager

LISA CROSTON, Sponsored Programs Coordinator

SHANNON ESMEYER, SERC Administrative Assistant

SHELLEY GLADDEN, Loan Coordinator


LYNDA HALLEY, Marketing Coordinator

TAMMIE HONEYMAN, Sponsored Programs Administrative Associate


KIM O’MEILIA, Marketing and Accessible Formats


LYSSA PRINCE, ICT Accessibility Coordinator

ALLYSON ROBINSON, SLP, Assistant Director



AMY WOODS, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

SANDRA WRIGHT-HACKLER, Speech-Language Pathologist, PhD., CCC-SLP

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Calendar Events and Training

NOV 8 - AT Support Team Workshop - Owasso Tech Center

NOV 15 - ABLE Tech Webinar: AEM/Liberty Braille with Cristin Lockwood

DEC 5 - ABLE Tech Webinar: Demo/Loan Program

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This publication is available in alternative formats; please call 800.257.1705 for more information. The Oklahoma State University Department of Wellness is the lead agency for Oklahoma ABLE Tech. ABLE Tech is funded through the Administration for Community Living of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and maintains coordination and collaboration efforts with partners throughout the state of Oklahoma.