2018 Spring Newsletter

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Quarterly Newsletter

Assistive Technology
Small Changes...Big Differences

SoonerStart 2018 Recognition Winner
3rd Quarter

Two SoonerStart teams will receive new assistive technology (AT) to include in their county kits this quarter, Canadian/Custer Counties and Comanche County! Infants and toddlers under 3 years old and their families will be able to receive demonstrations of the new AT items. These services help families determine appropriate accommodations for children and decide whether or not they need AT.

Congratulations, Canadian/Custer and Comanche Counties!

Spotlight on Success

A little one has achieved greater independence as well as significantly improved communication skills by being able to use a PECS program to communicate his wants and needs to his family! He has also started to verbalize words that the pictures represent! Additional assistive technology has been used to help him calm himself including a weighted vest and mini-trampoline. Thank you, Custer County, for serving this family and supporting his use of AT!

Financial Education for People with Disabilities

Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT), ABLE’s Tech’s partner for financial loans, is making great strides in the CDFI road to certification. One of the new programs that will be added to services provided is a more comprehensive Financial Education resource. We will be providing financial education in several formats, including an interactive, accessible, online resource with financial education related to money management, budgeting, saving, borrowing money, banking, credit scores, identity theft, and additional resources that relate specifically to people with disabilities. This will also be available in a print version.

In addition, OkAT has partnered with outside organizations and experts in the field of financial education to provide a financial education program called Money Smart. Money Smart is a comprehensive online financial education course that teaches the basics of handling money. It was created by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) and is accessible and free of charge.

We are excited to roll out these new services and have begun to implement some already – such as in depth conversations about debt to income ratio, credit score information through Open Access with FICO, and factors that affect your credit score with new applicants. The overall comprehensive program will be available to anyone, whether they apply for a financial loan or only seek financial education. Stay tuned for these programs to be up and running in full force.

In the meantime, to learn more about Money Smart, you can go to www.fdic.gov and search the key words “money smart”. Or use this direct URL:

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Launches New Website

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is proud to announce our new website is live and can be found at https://www.okabletech.org/

Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Smoke Alarm Installer Training Online Course

ABLE Tech is proud to announce the publication of the new Smoke Alarm Installer Training online course available for free at the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) ResourceOne website. This training was developed in partnership with the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation, Fire Protection Publications and Oklahoma ABLE Tech as a result of funding provided by FEMA.

The goal of this training is to provide firefighters and emergency responders with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively install smoke alarms according to national code along with specialized alert devices for individuals with disabilities.

To access the free, and fully accessible training, go to www.ifsta.org. Click on the ResourceOne tab. The Welcome to ResourceOne page has a link on the right-hand side of the screen or on the bottom of the screen depending on the device you are using. You will need to create a user name and password - an easy login and click the Smoke Alarm Installer Courses to find the three courses.

2017-18 AT Support Team Training Sessions Complete

ABLE Tech recently wrapped up the spring 2017-18 training sessions, with approximately 90 educators from 23 districts participating. Combined with the 75 educators from 19 districts who attended the fall workshops, ABLE Tech provided training on the provision of assistive technology (AT) to a total of 165 educators from 42 districts this school-year. Planning is underway for next year’s training, which will include repeat performances as well as new topics.

In addition to in-person workshops, ABLE Tech recently launched a fully accessible online AT Curriculum designed for educators to access at their convenience from home or school. While geared toward educators, the courses are open to anyone who would like to learn about provision of assistive technology to students with disabilities.

Participants will receive certificates which they can use to meet requirements set forth by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Sign up for the AT Online Curriculum at http://okabletech-atcurriculum.org/

Archived webinars are also a great resource for educators. Recent additions to the “AT Meets IT” series include Creating Accessible Documents, Chromebooks and Chrome Browser, Universal Design for Learning: Practical Applications, Accessible Educational Materials: Getting the Most from Bookshare, and AT in the IEP: OK EdPlan Updates.Visit www.okabletech.org to access online training, archived webinars, and to stay updated on training plans for the upcoming school year.

TechAccessOK 2018 Returns in June!

For the third consecutive year, TechAccessOK will bring together ICT accessibility experts from across the country to share their knowledge at a 2-day conference in Oklahoma City. Rob, Carr, ABLE Tech’s accessibility coordinator, organizes this conference to include information on how to prepare all types of media – documents, video, presentations, and websites – in the best way, making them accessible for people with disabilities. This year, the first day is planned as an all-day workshop with expert Bevi Chagnon teaching how to prepare accessible PDFs. The second day is filled with speakers from around the country sharing their expertise on a variety of topics.

June 28th and 29th are TechAccessOK 2018 conference days taking place at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. The conference is FREE thanks to the sponsors shown below. Register at this link or go to the TechAccessOK website for more information!

Sponsors: Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, iPro Oklahoma and Oklahoma ABLE Tech.

OKDMERP Success Story

Angela has received several items from the Reuse Program including a nebulizer, a blood pressure monitor, a bedside commode, a hospital bed, and this power wheelchair. She says the reasons she loves her power wheelchair is because of the independence it gave her. Angela says the Reuse Program “is a big blessing to me because without it I would be bed bound.”

Oklahoma ABLE Tech partners with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to provide the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP). The program is designed to reuse durable medical equipment (DME) that is no longer needed and reassign it to Oklahomans who are in need at no cost, regardless of income. Priority will be given to SoonerCare members, but any resident is eligible to receive DME with a completed application.

Oklahoma Equipment Exchange

The Oklahoma Equipment Exchange (OEE) is a FREE program to help Oklahomans with disabilities acquire affordable equipment. To donate, sell, or locate equipment, visit our website or call us at 800.257.1705 (v/tty).

In Oklahoma City, you may call the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP) at 405.523.4810 for FREE durable medical equipment such as canes, scooters, and hospital beds. Donations are always welcome!

Available Items
Wooden Bed Assist Rails – FREE
Children’s Gait Trainers & Tomato Car Seat - For Sale
CPAPs - Mask only (Medium Size - FREE
Diabetic Lancets (28 gauge - FREE
Hoyer Lifts - For Sale
Pedal Exerciser – FREE
CapTel Phones – FREE
Tobii Dynavox T15 - For Sale
And many more items for FREE or for Sale.


Partner Success Story

Photo of Betty, from Harrah, Oklahoma, with her new assistive technology keyboard and magnifier.

Betty from Harrah, OK, was seen by NewView Oklahoma due to the progression of her decreased central vision also know as Macular Degeneration. At 83 years young, Betty is still active in her town’s historical museum and works on computer programs often from her home. In losing her central vision, Betty was finding it very difficult to manage the keyboard and look at printed reports required for the job.

Betty was able to trial several devices from ABLE Tech such as magnifiers, reading prismatic glasses, and large print high contrast keyboards. She borrowed the equipment and by using it in her home she was able to see how the equipment worked with the tasks that had become so difficult for her. On her next visit to NewView, Betty expressed to her Occupational Trainer Assistant (OTA) that there were several items that were a must have for her.

Betty’s fear of having to quit a job she enjoys was put to rest when she found the correct equipment to aid her with performing these tasks again. With the jobs she was performing becoming so difficult, her fear of making mistakes, and increased time to complete, she was sure she would not be able to continue. Betty stated the equipment and the training she received has given her renewed purpose and the hope of being able to continue her work at the museum as well as with many other tasks in her daily life.

Oklahoma AT Center Locations

Oklahoma ABLE Tech and its partners operate device demonstration and device loan programs to increase access to AT. Inventory is available and searchable online, and individuals may borrow devices for up to six weeks at no cost. Please go to: https://myatprogram.org/home/40

Oklahoma ABLE Tech
Hearing Loss Assocation of Oklahoma City
NewView Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital
Moore Autism Center
Alzheimer’s Association of OKC

Assistive Technology
Device Feature

Photo of C-Pen Exam Reader

C-Pen Exam Reader
The C-Pen Exam Reader pen scanner is for students to independently take exams and understand the questions. The C-Pen Exam Reader is aportable, pocket-sized device that reads text out loud with an English human-like digital voice.

iDevice App Feature
GoTalk NOW

GoTalk NOW is a flexible, easy-to-use, yet powerful app for people who have difficulty speaking. GoTalk NOW has all the essentials of an effective AAC app, like adjustable page layouts, customizable navigation, recorded and text-to-speech capabilities, and an included symbol set.

Choose from three different page styles -- Standard, Express, or Scene --- while using recorded audio, text-to-speech, music, or video to maximize communication abilities.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech

OSU Department of Wellness
Todd Misener, Chief Wellness Officer OSU Department of Wellness

1514 W. Hall of Fame | Stillwater, OK 74078
Ph: 405.744.9748 or 800.257.1705 (V/TTY)
Fax: 405.744.2487 | abletech@okstate.edu

Website: www.okabletech.org

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Staff
Linda Jaco, Associate Director for Sponsored Programs
Dina Anderson, Occupational Therapist Specialist Kimberly Berry, AT Teacher
Kimberly Berry, AT Teacher
Rob Carr, Accessibility Coordinator
Lisa Croston, Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Shannon Esmeyer, SERC Administrative Assistant
Shelley Gladden, Loan Coordinator
Milissa Gofourth, Program Manager
Lynda Halley, Marketing Coordinator
Tammie Honeyman, Sponsored Programs
Kelli McDoulett, OKDMERP/ORC Grant Coordinator
Maegan Mobus, Marketing Assistant
Jo Anne Pool Blades, SERC Program Manager
Allyson Robinson, SLP, AT Specialist
Shelby Sanders, AT Specialist
Brian Sargent, OKDMERP Site Coordinator
Diana Sargent, Senior Administration Support Specialist
Katie Woodward, OKDMERP Program Manager
Sandra Wright-Hackler, CCC/SLP

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Calendar Events and Training

MAY 2, Oklahoma ABLE Tech’s Statewide Services: A Webinar Presentation to AAA
MAY 7&8, Bevi Chagnon Workshop on Section 508 + InDesign + PDF - OKC
JUN 22, HLAA National Convention - Minneapolis, MN
JUN 27, 2018 Credit Builder’s Alliance Symposium - Washington, DC
JUL 20, NARFE Presentation on ABLE Tech Services - Stillwater


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