Pathways Therapy Center

About Pathways Therapy Center:

Pathways Therapy Center is dedicated to providing occupational and speech therapy services to help children on their journey to reach their full potentials. We are an independently owned clinic with over 20 years of experience offering Occupational, Speech, Feeding, and Group Therapies. Our staff is unique in their ability to form strong relationships with both the patients and their families.

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4157 S. Harvard, Suite 117, Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: 918.712.7868
Fax: 918.878.7920

Partners with ABLE Tech:

  • Device Demonstration
  • Device Short-Term Loan

AT Categories:

  • Computer Access
  • Daily Living
  • Environmental Development
  • Learning, Cognition, and Development
  • Recreational, Sports, and Leisure
  • Seating, Position, and Mobility
  • Speech communication
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Partnership Success Story

Liam, a 2-year-old from Broken Arrow receives therapy services through Pathways Therapy Center.  He has been working on fine motor skills and self-regulation. He was able to loan a weighted animal to see if it would help improve his self-regulation and body awareness through the Pathways Short-Term loan program that was provided by Oklahoma ABLE Tech.  The family is happy to try the weighted animal before purchasing one. They are happy with all the positive outcomes they are seeing.