JD McCarty Center for Children with Disabilities

About JD McCarty Center for Children with Disabilities:

The JD McCarty Center works to enrich the lives of children with developmental disabilities and equip them with resources and support to enhance their skills. We provide medical care and physical, occupational and speech, and language therapy for children on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

The JD McCarty Center's mission is to provide a comprehensive program of rehabilitative care to Oklahoma's children with developmental disabilities, from birth to age 21.

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2002 E. Robinson St.
Norman, OK 73071
Phone: 405-307-2800
Toll-free: 800-777-1272
Fax: 405-307-2801

Partners with ABLE Tech:

  • Reutilization

AT Categories:

  • Seating, Positioning, and Mobility

JD McCarty Center Policies and Procedures (PDF)

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Partner Success Story

Navaeh in wheelchair

ABLE Tech's Reutilization Program provided a power wheelchair to the J.D. McCarty Center for children with disabilities through a pediatric durable medical equipment (DME) pilot. The power wheelchair assisted Nevaeh in regaining lost strength due to illness. The pilot was made possible by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).