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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Assistive Technology (AT) Devices and Services

What is the difference between technology and assistive technology (AT)?

Assistive technology (AT) is any device used to help students with disabilities do tasks they would otherwise be unable to do. It is also the service that assists students with disabilities in the selection, acquisition, and use of AT.

How is COVID-19 impacting ABLE Tech’s services?

Currently, ABLE Tech offices are not open to the public. Services that would have been received in-person are now available in different formats: AT Demonstrations can be completed virtually.  Needed, short-term loan devices will only be shipped.

Can I still borrow a device to try from ABLE Tech?

Yes, as devices are available and ABLE Tech is allowed to remain working on Oklahoma State University’s campus, we will fulfill needed AT short-term device loans that assist individuals and families in completing school tasks virtually.

What does ABLE Tech do after use of each device to clean and sanitize?

ABLE Tech follows a Sanitization Policy to assure each device is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each use. Medical-grade sanitization products and following device-specific guidelines. Devices are cleaned and sanitized after each demonstration, training, and short-term loan before being placed on the shelf for the next use.

I have an iPad, and I want to try an application. Can ABLE Tech help?

Yes, ABLE Tech has dozens of AT apps for use for assistive technology. If the borrower has access to an iPad, ABLE Tech can remotely deploy an app to the iPad. A short-term loan request form must be completed online, via fax, or snail mail.

I have a laptop/Chromebook and want to try an extension.
Can ABLE Tech help?

Yes, ABLE Tech staff can remotely consult with an individual to determine software, online resources, and extensions available to assist with needs or tasks to be completed on the laptop or Chromebook.

Virtual Services: Will ABLE Tech continue to consult on students’ AT needs?

Yes, ABLE Tech uses phone, email, and virtual meetings (Ex. Zoom and FaceTime) to provide consultation services to educators, related service providers, administrators, and parents/caregivers.

Is ABLE Tech conducting professional development training at this time?

Yes, ABLE Tech continues to offer professional development training virtually. Check the ABLE Tech website for timely updates on offerings.

Can I still receive a demonstration of assistive technology?

Yes, AT Demonstrations can be completed virtually with staff comparing and contrasting the features of the AT so that an informed decision can be made regarding whether or not AT will benefit the user.