The mission of TRICARE is to provide quality health care for members of the Armed Forces, military families, and others entrusted to the Department of Defense’s care. There are several plans to choose from based on specific eligibility.  As a major component of the Military Health System, TRICARE combines the health care resources of the uniformed services with networks of civilian health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide access to high-quality health care services while maintaining the capability to support military operations.


TRICARE Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc. (South Region)
(800) 445-5445


  • Family members of active-duty service members;
  • military retirees and their eligible family members;
  • surviving eligible family members of deceased, active, or retired service members;
  • wards and pre-adoptive children; and
  • some former spouses of active or retired service members who meet certain length-of-marriage rules and other requirements.

AT Services Provided/Covered

  • Assessments & Evaluations
  • Information & Referral
  • Case Management
  • Locating Alternate Funding
  • Advocacy/Other

AT Devices Provided/Covered

  • Aids for Hearing Impaired
  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Aids for Vision Impaired
  • Mobility/Seating & Positioning
  • Speech Communication

How to Get the AT

  • In order to use TRICARE, the individual must be listed in the Defense Department’s DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) computerized database as being eligible for military health care benefits. All military sponsors should ensure that the status of their families (marriage, divorce, new child, etc.) is current in the DEERS files so TRICARE claims can be processed quickly and accurately.

Dispute Resolution Process

  1. If individuals disagree with certain decisions made by the TRICARE Management Activity or by the TRICARE contractor regarding a benefit, there is a right to appeal that decision. There are specific benefit issues that are appealable and the appeal process varies depending on the type of benefit issue.
  2. For issues that can’t be appealed, such as concerns with the quality of health care service received, TRICARE provides a grievance process that allows individuals to submit in writing the concern or complaint.