Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust


The mission of the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust (OETT) is to equip Oklahoma common school and Career Tech students with the technology and technological skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. The Trust provides funds for computer and telecommunications equipment, infrastructure, leadership, and professional development to implement and advance the integration of technology into classroom instruction.


Teresa Rose, J.D.
Executive Director
801 NW 63rd Street, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Email: info@oett.org 

Financial Criteria



  • Phase I - To start the process, interested schools need to successfully complete Leadership Training offered in partnership with the K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal at the University of Oklahoma.  Participants will explore the IDEALS for Student Achievement and how they relate to technology use in the classroom. To learn more and to register for the next session please visit https://k20center.ou.edu/programs/phase1/
  • Phase II - Having successfully completed Phase I, superintendents or administrators in Oklahoma public schools become eligible to apply for Phase II.  This competitive grant awards individual schools and/or district sites with up to $40,000 of education-targeted technology (granted by OETT) and $25,000 of professional development (provided by K20 Center/OK-ACTS through the OETT grant). Grant recipients are required to provide a 10% match ($4,000) that can be used for technology equipment, substitutes, or stipends for staff.  

    How to Get the AT

How to Get Assistive Technology

Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust establishes a yearly grant timeline that usually begins in November. For more information on the grant timeline, eligibility, and the online grant application please visit www.oett.org/grants