Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Oklahoma ABLE Tech


The purpose of ABLE Tech is to increase the access to and acquisition of assistive technology (AT) devices and services for individuals with disabilities, their families and support professionals.  ABLE Tech accomplishes this purpose by providing AT through a short-term equipment loan program, demonstration centers,  low interest financial loans for AT, and reutilization of AT through the Oklahoma Equipment Exchange (OEE) and the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP).  In addition, ABLE Tech provides information and referral, training on various AT topics and collaborates with state agencies and organizations to enhance the understanding and access to AT.  ABLE Tech is funded under the Assistive Technology Act by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Community Living and is located at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Wellness.


Linda Jaco, Director
OSU Department of Wellness
1514 W. Hall of Fame
Stillwater, OK 74078-2026
(405) 744-9748 (V/TDD)
(800) 257-1705 (V/TDD)
FAX: (405) 744-2487


  • Any Oklahoman

AT Services Provided/Covered

  • Information & Referral
  • Training for Consumer, Family, & Professional Groups
  • Locating Alternate Funding
  • Short-term Equipment Loan & AT Demonstration

AT Devices Provided/ Covered

  • Various AT devices are available on a short-term loan basis for trial or evaluation use
  • ABLE Tech is a vendor of iPads as speech generating devices for eligible SoonerCare members though the age of 20.
  • Reutilization of AT

How to Get the AT

  • Contact the main office by phone to request service(s) 800.257.1705.
  • Contact the Oklahoma ABLE Tech INFO-line for AT information and referral. (See “Pieces of the Puzzle”).

Pieces of the Puzzle

  • ABLE Tech operates AT device demonstration centers with various partners across the state.  The purpose of the device demonstration is to enable an individual to make an informed choice by allowing hands-on opportunities to learn about AT.  The list of available AT for demonstration and their partners are on the ABLE Tech website at: http://at.okstate.edu.
  • ABLE Tech operates a short-term equipment loan program, which allows individuals to borrow AT in order to “try before you buy.”  Short-term loans are also beneficial for purposes of assessment, meeting interim needs when devices need to be repaired and for personnel development activities. ABLE Tech will lend AT free to any Oklahoman up to 42 days.  ABLE Tech has several partner entities across the state that can lend specialized AT to Oklahomans.  The list for available AT for short-term loans and their partners is on the ABLE Tech website at: http://at.okstate.edu.
  • ABLE Tech, BancFirst and the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) work together to offer a financial loan program which includes bank loans or direct loans through OkAT. This program allows qualified Oklahomans with disabilities a fixed rate financial loans with flexible terms.  Individuals can purchase any type of AT; such as, wheelchairs, adapted cars or vans, communication devices, hearing aids, etc.  The financial loan can also provide individuals with disabilities, that qualify to receive a low interest loan or a guaranty loan, to borrow money to purchase equipment for an employment outcome.
  • The Oklahoma Equipment Exchange (OEE) is ABLE Tech’s free AT device exchange program.  The Equipment Exchange is similar to a “want ad” where pre-owned AT is listed.  The OEE is an opportunity to re-sell or buy AT for a lower cost than new items; such as, modified vehicles, wheelchairs, and daily living aids. To buy, donate, or sell used AT, call the toll-free (800) 257-1705 (V/TDD) or visit the website at: http://oee.okstate.edu
  • ABLE Tech and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, have partnered to provide the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP). The program is designed to reuse valuable DME that is no longer needed, and assign it to someone in need at no cost. Oklahoma residents who wish to donate gently used equipment, or Oklahomans in need of DME are encouraged to apply. Please call (833) 431-9706 for more information.
  • ABLE Tech provides information and referral services on AT for people of all ages with disabilities.  Anyone can call: family, friends, service providers, and other professionals.  ABLE Tech’s resources include statewide and national resources, an in-house collection of catalogs, fact sheets, and various publications.
  • ABLE Tech offers educational and training workshops on AT to consumers, parents, and professionals that serve individuals with disabilities.
  • ABLE Tech serves as the Assistive Technology & Information Services Program for Oklahoma public schools and assists educators in meeting the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  ABLE Tech offers on-line training and conducts regional trainings, webinars, videos, one-on-one consultations, and technical assistance documents.  In addition, students, educators, and families have access to ABLE Tech’s AT devices and short-term loan program, training, and support recommendations to help students with disabilities achieve educational goals.
  • ABLE Tech assists students, educators, and families obtain Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and determine the appropriate technology often necessary to read specialized formats. Some students have difficulty reading textbooks and other curricular materials due to blindness, low vision, a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia, or a physical disability preventing the student from holding the textbook or turning pages. To succeed in school, these students need specialized formats. The federal special education law, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), requires schools to provide AEM for elementary and secondary students. AEM includes: large print, braille, audio, and digital text.
  • ABLE Tech partners with the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) to bring training to Oklahoma’s Workforce partner system through regional training and technical assistance. The partnership between DRS and ABLE Tech seeks to close the gaps in workforce utilization, income, and poverty among people with disabilities by providing equal access to workforce services. The program trains staff in best practices to help job seekers with disabilities gain competitive employment. The shared goal of the Workforce System is to provide access to employment for everyone, ultimately increasing household wealth.  The program helps Workforce staff to be aware of the benefits and requirements for ensuring accessible Workforce services and environments and to learn more about the responsibilities that are part of the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
  • ABLE Tech provides technical assistance, training and consultation about web and digital accessibility and the standards and laws that make accessibility mandatory for agencies and institutions in the State of Oklahoma. In addition, ABLE Tech provides a fee-for-service consultation to assist Oklahoma state agencies and higher education institutions in designing, developing and procuring accessible websites and software.
  • ABLE Tech is a vendor of iPads and communication apps to be used as speech generating devices for eligible SoonerCare members.  SoonerCare approves devices for persons up to age 21 that have completed a formal evaluation of 3 different devices by a licensed speech pathologist.  For assistance completing all the necessary documentation contact ABLE Tech.
  • As funding is available, ABLE Tech partners with “Fire Protection Publications” in offering the installation of free smoke alarms and specialized alert devices to Oklahoma residents and provide fire safety messages to eligible Oklahomans who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, low vision, or use a mobility device.