National Autism Association – Teacher Toolkits


The Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit is a free-of-charge toolkit given to schools with children diagnosed with autism who have a risk of a wandering/elopement-related emergency.  Toolkits are a means to educate, raise awareness, and provide simple tools that may assist educators in preventing and responding to wandering-related emergencies.



Financial Criteria

None specified.


  • Be a school administrator, teacher or aide working with individuals with an autism diagnosis.
  • Be employed at a school within the U.S. and provide the school address for shipping. (Homeschool programs are not eligible for this toolkit, please apply for a Big Red Safety Box.)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions stated in the application.
  • Apply only once. Multiple requests cannot be processed, limit one toolkit per school.

AT Services Provided/Covered

None specified.

AT Devices Provided/Covered

Big Red Safety Teacher toolkit.

Application Process

Complete an online application on the NAA website.

Pieces of the Puzzle

  • All printed materials can be downloaded for free.
  • NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to all qualifying applicants while supplies last. You are not required to make a donation to receive one.