National Autism Association – Give A Voice Program


The Give a Voice Program provides communication devices to individuals with autism who are non-speaking or have difficulty with verbal communications, putting them at increased risk of injury or harm.



Financial Criteria

This program is intended for families who are in dire need of financial assistance and are otherwise unable to attain access to these communication methods.


Individuals 4 years of age or older and formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with a current evaluation/recommendation from a speech/language professional. 

AT Services Provided/Covered

Up to 4 sessions with a certified communication practitioner (S2C or RPM).

AT Devices Provided/Covered

Technology provided includes: iPads, AppleCare+ Protection Plans, Avatalker AAC apps, and protective cases.

Application Process

Complete an online application on the NAA website.

Pieces of the Puzzle

  • There is very limited funding for this program. Every application is carefully reviewed and all information submitted is verified by NAA staff.