Kelly Brush Foundation’s Active Fund


The Kelly Brush Foundation’s Active Fund provides grants for individuals who have a spinal cord injury to purchase adaptive sports equipment.  The Kelly Brush Foundation is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality for anyone with a spinal cord injury. Through the Active Fund, they provide grants for individuals with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury to purchase adaptive sports equipment. They believe in the power of sport and recreation to foster inclusion and overcome the barriers of paralysis.



Financial Criteria



Individuals who have paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury who reside in the United States

AT Services Provided/Covered

None specified

AT Devices Provided/Covered

Any piece of sports or recreation equipment specifically designed for people with disabilities that allow an applicant to be active. Examples include handcycles, mono-skis, sports chairs, racing chairs, hockey sleds, and more. It should be noted that first-hand experience using the desired equipment in the environment you intend to use it is extremely important to the Grant Committee. They give preference to equipment that provides some fitness benefits. They do, however, consider applications for power equipment where the applicant can persuasively explain why that type of equipment is the best and most appropriate piece of equipment for him/her to live an active lifestyle.

They will not consider applications for:

  • Non-adaptive sports equipment such as standard bicycles, skis/boots/poles, automotive equipment, etc.
  • Accessory upgrades (such as wheelsets)
  • Everyday wheelchairs
  • FES equipment
  • Motorized wheelchair attachments
  • Indoor exercise equipment such as trainers (for handcycles), gym equipment, stationary bikes or rowing machines
  • Guns or Bows (only the adaptive device that might be used to operate)
  • All other non-adaptive equipment

Quotes that include accessories such as sports computers, tee shirts, premium wheelsets, and other accessories will be reduced by the amount of such accessories when considered by the Grants Committee.

Application Process

There are two grant cycles: one in the spring and one in the fall.  Check the website for the current grant cycle status.

Pieces of the Puzzle

  • Previous grant recipients must wait 2 years to apply again. 
  • There are three possible decisions an applicant may receive:  
    • Award (either full or partial) 
    • “Try It First” Grant – an award of $500 to go towards the program or rental fees at an adaptive sports program to gain experience with the equipment applied for  
    • Denial  
  • There is no minimum or maximum award. Please note that grants rarely exceed $5,000, and the average grant is generally around $3,500.  
  • KBF only pays reputable adaptive sports equipment vendors directly.  
  • KBF DOES NOT provide funding directly to the grant recipient or reimburse for equipment already purchased.