Chive Charities


Chive Charities provides one-time grants for therapy equipment and sessions not covered by insurance, home and vehicle modifications, mobility items, developmental and learning devices, and other medical needs as recommended by a medical professional.  


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Financial Criteria

Applicants who have raised $20,000 or received items that value $20,000 or more may not be eligible for a grant. Other financial limits may apply


Chive Charities Green Ribbon Fund deals exclusively with medically related grants/items and three specific categories of recipients: Rare Medical Conditions, Veterans/Military, and First Responders. Find more information by visiting their website As a guide, Chive uses the NORD list and the GARD list of rare diseases to classify whether a medical condition is rare. Chive does place an emphasis on the rarity of the medical condition. If your medical condition is not rare, it may be disqualified from consideration. 

AT Services Provided/Covered


AT Devices Provided/Covered


Application Process

Applicants must first create an account before they may view the application. This application must be completed on a desktop or laptop. You may receive ongoing notifications regarding the status of your application.

Pieces of the Puzzle

The application process to be a Chive Charities grant recipient can be a highly involved one. That's no accident. The system is meant to ensure money drawn from the Green Ribbon Fund is entrusted to people who need it most. Please take some time to read the FAQ section at the bottom of their webpage to determine if your cause is eligible. 

Chive Charities does NOT assist with  

  • Past medical bills 
  • Funeral costs 
  • Lost family income due to disability or death in the family 
  • Experimental Procedures that do not have Federal or other Governmental body approval 
  • In Vitro Fertilization costs (IVF)