The AbleGamers Charity


The AbleGamers Charity's mission is to create opportunities that enable play in order to combat social isolation, foster inclusive communities, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. They're using the power of video games to bring people together, improving the quality of life with recreation and rehabilitation.


Andy Wu, Ph.D., OT
Senior Director of Peer Counseling
179 E. Burr Blvd., Suite Q
Kearneysville, WV 25430
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Financial Criteria



Any person with physical disabilities who needs assistance playing video games.

AT Services Provided/Covered

  • Play consultation
  • Equipment grants
  • Ongoing support

AT Devices Provided/Covered

  • Adaptive gaming equipment
  • Specialized controllers
  • Computers & related equipment

How to Get the AT

Contact the Oklahoma ABLE Tech Device Demonstration Program at 405-744-8342 to schedule a demonstration of gaming AT. A video consultation can then be set up through Oklahoma ABLE Tech and AbleGamers to ensure proper set up.

Pieces of the Puzzle

AbleGamers Charity provides assistance with developing individualized solutions to play video games. These services and associated equipment/assistive technologies are provided without charge, regardless of disability.