Oklahoma ABLE Tech + Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Success Story. Briggs. Graphic text: as Briggs recovered from surgery to address his bilateral clubfoot relapse, he borrowed leg braces and a posterior pediatric walker from the Device Reutilization Program. The devices increased not only his safety but his independence at home, school, and in his community. ABLE Tech logo. OHCA logo. Briggs is a young boy with light skin and a short haircut. He stands in a parking lot, using a purple posterior walker for support.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is a proud partner of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA). ABLE Tech partners with OHCA to provide the Device Reutilization Program!

Per Oklahoma Statute Title 56: The OHCA shall develop and implement, as funds become available, a durable medical equipment retrieval program that will allow the Authority to:

  1. Retrieve durable medical equipment, purchased with Medicaid funds, from the Medicaid consumers who no longer utilize the equipment; and
  2. Donate such equipment to community-based programs that will distribute the equipment to individuals who are disabled or elderly.

Thanks to this partnership between ABLE Tech and OHCA, thousands of Oklahomans have received needed durable medical equipment at no cost.

Visit https://www.okabletech.org/guide-to-all-services/device-reutilization/ to learn more!