Oklahoma ABLE Tech Attends DRS’ 30th Anniversary Celebration

A selfie of Allyson, Cam, Peyton, Shelley, Lyssa, and Louise under a white pop-up tent.
We had so much fun at the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)' 30th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday!
We had a great time getting to show attendees some recreation assistive technology (AT) that fit the carnival theme, and catching up with our friends from across the DRS departments!
Lyssa stands behind a table displaying various recreation AT devices. She is speaking to a light-skinned woman with glasses and short brown hair. The woman is using a walker. In the background, there are several other booths set up in the parking lot.
Peyton reaches across the booth table to show a young boy something on the table. There are several kids and women surrounding the table. Cam stands ready to interpret for the crowd. In the background, there is another interpreter signing for someone else.
Cam signs to four kids and a light-skinned woman. In the background, you can see the booth and Louise talking to another kid. Behind the booth tent, there is a white truck, the Oklahoma School for the Deaf bus, and a food truck.