National Walking Day – April 5

The WeWalk cane and Sunu Band are positioned on the Support Plus Walker Tray, which is fitted on a two-wheeled walker that is sitting in front of a tan wall.
Hey, hey, it's National Walking Day! Check out some of the assistive technology available in our demonstration and loan inventory that aids in or is associated with walking!
  • WeWalk; This device acts as a new handle when attached to any long cane and is designed to feel natural, allowing for normal cane usage. When walking, WeWALK vibrates to inform you of low-hanging obstacles that the bottom of a cane may typically miss. Users can even pair the cane to the WeWALK app on their iOS or Android device via Bluetooth to use WeWALK’s smart features!
  • Sunu Band; The Sunu Band is a sonar smart band that improves navigation for individuals with visual impairments. It combines sonar or echolocation with gentle, precise vibrations to inform the user about objects or obstacles within their environment. These vibrations are dependent on how close or far away the user is from the obstacle. The band augments awareness of the wearer's personal space, reduces accidents, and ultimately improves confidence while providing more fluid and enjoyable mobility. It uses a customizable Sunu mobile app.
  • Support Plus Walker Tray; this is an easy-to-use meal tray that slides over the handles of your walker, creating a stable and convenient table that's perfect for mealtime. The tray has a hard plastic base, raised edges to prevent spills, a removable non-slip pad with two recessed cup holders, and precision-cut slots that fit most walker handles!

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