National Student Employee Appreciation Wee k- Device Reutilization

Taylor, Maddie, and Grace smile and pose behind a manual wheelchair and a two-wheeled walker in the warehouse.

It’s National Student Employee Appreciation Week! Every day this week we’ll be highlighting our incredible student employees! Today, meet Taylor, Maddie, and Grace, the students who work with Kim, Brian, and Austin at the Device Reutilization Program office in Oklahoma City!

Taylor Tittle is a second-year occupational therapy student the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), from Frederick, OK.

Maddie Partain is a second-year physical therapy student at OUHSC, from Durant, OK.

Grace Miracle is a second-year physical therapy student at OUHSC, from Lawton, OK.

At the office, they primarily help process client applications. They initiate the first phone call to confirm client information, check waitlists and equipment availability, as well as match and assign available equipment in inventory. They also help clean donated equipment and add items into inventory as needed. They’re excellent when it comes to communicating with our clients and we’re so grateful for the work they do!