May is Older Americans Month!

The Sock N Stocking Aid, Automatic Pill Dispenser and Dome 4x Magnifier are all laid on display on a black table in ABLE Tech's AT inventory room. There is a pink sticky note with writing under the Magnifier.
May is also Older Americans Month, which presents an opportunity to highlight important trends, recognize challenges and achievements, and strengthen our commitment to supporting older Americans!
Here at Oklahoma ABLE Tech, we have many Assistive Technology (AT) devices designed to help individuals maintain their independence! A few of these Daily Living AT devices are the Automatic Pill Dispenser, the Dome 4x Magnifier, and the Sock N Stocking Aid!
The Automatic Pill Dispenser is a great fit for individuals who needs assistance adhering to their medication and/or supplement regimen, with features like the ability to set alarms for up to six different times throughout the day and the capacity to hold up to 28 pills. The Dome 4x Magnifier is lightweight and small, and can be used for reading, looking at pictures, maps, or anything else with small details! Finally, the Sock N Stocking Aid is useful for slipping on socks, especially for those with limited mobility.
Oklahoma ABLE Tech's Short-Term Device Loan inventory offers almost 5,000 devices in many AT categories, including daily living. Visit our Daily Living webpage to learn more about using AT in different scenarios!