Introducing the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Library Kit!

Lyssa launched the library kit during a presentation on March 8 at the Oklahoma Library Association Annual Conference.

Introducing the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Library Kit!

This kit was created to address some types of requests the Oklahoma ABLE Tech team receives. We are often asked to be a part of library programming and as much as we enjoy fulfilling these requests, our team is small, and the demand for our presence is growing every day.
That’s where the AT Library Kit (and you) come into play!

The library kit is designed to help library staff create their own assistive technology display that can be customized and used in programming. Every library and every library community is different, and we know that you understand your community better than anyone. So, we wanted to give you some tools to ensure your community has reliable information about services that may interest them.

The kit includes 3D printer files, a print-ready ABLE Tech services fact sheet, print-ready table tents and support documents, and a user guide.

We know the magnification effect and reach of Oklahoma Libraries, and we want to work together to get our services into the hands and minds of every Oklahoman. Download the kit on our Assistive Technology Library Kit webpage!