Making Life Accessible to Oklahomans of All Ages and Abilities

ABLE Tech Core Programs

An AT service directly assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.

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Learn about different AT through hands-on exploration.

Device Demonstration

Learn about different AT through hands-on exploration.

Device Loan

Borrow AT for a limited time to determine if it meets your needs before a purchase.

Device Reutilization

Find medical equipment that is no longer needed by its original owner here.

Financial Loan

Apply for financing options that offer low interest and flexible repayment terms.

Digital Accessibility

Get training, technical assistance, evaluations, and more.

October AT Inventory Highlights

Assistive Technology (AT) can be used in a variety of ways, and for a variety of purposes. It can support people in carrying out everyday tasks and activities, enhance their safety, support their social participation, monitor their health, and more. This month, we're featuring AT that might be helpful for people who have learning disabilities!

Memory Loss Fidget Mat


The Memory Loss Fidget Blanket can help reduce anxiety and improve mental stimulation in individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss. The Memory Loss Fidget Blanket is portable and has two handles to assist with transportation. It includes 15 features to enhance motor and memory functions and reduce anxiety. The blanket includes a variety of textures and colors that provide colorful stimulation and sensory activities.

View this device on NATADS.

SafeWander Sensor+ Gateway


SafeWander Sensor+ Gateway is a wearable wireless sensor that sends an instant alert to a caregiver's phone or tablet when the wearer starts to get up from a chair or bed. It securely attaches to clothing with one easy twist. The Gateway will plug in near the sensor and relays the alert to the phone or tablet.

View this device on NATADS.

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Learn more about Assistive Technology (AT) for people of all ages on the ABLE Tech AT Discovery webpage.

ABLE Tech News

The Device Reutilization Program office is moving!

Oklahoma ABLE Tech's Device Reutilization office is moving! The Reutilization office will be CLOSED from October 31-November 7, 2022

We're excited to announce the Reutilization warehouse and offices will be moving to a new location!

Beginning November 8, 2022, the new address will be:

4301 Will Rogers Parkway, Suite 950
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

To accommodate this move, the Reutilization office will be CLOSED from October 31 to November 7, 2022. 


Oklahoma Selected as 2020-2024 AEM State

ABLE Tech will collaborate with diverse partners to expand accessible educational materials (AEM) and technology services in the state. 

Learn more about the National Center on AEM