Hearing AT Feature – Phonak Microphones

The silver Phonak Roger Pass Around Mic is in its stand placed next to the Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic.
To continue celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month, we wanted to showcase some of our hearing Assistive Technology (AT)!
The Phonak Roger Pass Around Mic is a sturdy pass-around microphone. It can be handed from one person to another or placed in a sturdy stand in front of one or two individuals. One great use example is enhancing classroom discussions between students and teachers.
The Phonak Touchscreen Microphone is an easy-to-use wireless microphone. This microphone can be worn around the neck or placed on a nearby table to pick up speech from a group of individuals. It is compatible with almost every hearing instrument, cochlear implant, and bone-anchored hearing device. We like to use it for presentations!
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