Happy National Walking Day!

Two sneakers are placed on the ground and stacked on top of each other. One shoe has the Hickies AT device on the laces and the other shoe has the Zubits AT device on the laces. A package of Lock Laces sits in front of the shoes.
Happy National Walking Day! We thought we’d share some assistive technology (AT) that may make going on walks easier or more enjoyable!
Are your shoelaces too finicky? Check out the Hickies, Zubits, or Lock Laces! All of these options make it easier to put your sneakers on or take them off. Choose from elastic loops, a bungee lace, or magnetic closure, whichever fits your needs!
Do you want to listen to music, but don’t like earbuds or need to make sure you can still hear your surroundings? Try the Aftershokz Sports 3 bone conduction headphones! They rest over your ears, are lightweight, comfortable, and allow you to hear other sounds around you. Tune in to music, audiobooks, and or phone calls without tuning out the world around you.
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The Aftershokz Sports 3 headphones rest over Cam's ears.