Happy National Puppy Day – March 23

The listed puppy-themed assistive technology arranged on a table in the Device Demonstration room.
We heard it's National Puppy Day, and here at Oklahoma ABLE Tech, we have a few puppy-themed AT devices that deserve some a-paws!
First up is the puppy-themed Weighted Neck Wrap. This three-pound puppy neck wrap is U-shaped and an easy solution to decrease anxiety and fidgeting and also to increase comfort and focus.
One of our many switch-adapted toys is The Spunky Dog Switch Toy, which repeats several phrases and sings songs. This toy is designed to foster development in the areas of switch use cause and effect.
Another switch-adapted device is the Dance and Move Beat Bow Wow. This toy has more than 25 songs, tunes, and phrases that help introduce music, counting, and colors.
A popular pick is the Companion Dog Pet Therapy toy, which has built-in sensors that respond to motion and touch to allow individuals to recreate the joy and comfort of having a pet.
Barkley the Walking Dog is great for teaching cause and effect, enhancing language skills, providing auditory and visual stimulation, and encouraging movement.
Also pictured is the I Love My Puppy Touch and Feel Board Book. There are different textures on the pages for little fingers to touch and explore, as well as some fun rhymes to read aloud and listen to.
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