Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

The Low Vision Black and White Cutting Board, Silicone Divided Suction Bowl, Clip-On Fork and Food Pod are placed on display on a black table in the Assistive Technology inventory room.
Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day! ABLE Tech's device inventory offers nearly 5,000 devices in many Assistive Technology (AT) categories, including Daily Living. This category encompasses devices aiding in an individual's independence, including when preparing a healthy meal!
  • The Clip-On Fork has a vinyl-covered, adjustable hand strap that fits over the back of your hand and holds the fork securely. It's an excellent eating aid for those having difficulty grasping and holding small utensils!
  • The Food Pod is designed to quickly remove and drain foods that are boiled, blanched, or steamed. This device holds ingredients together while they cook, and can be removed for draining from boiling water or steam without burning your fingers.
  • The Low Vision Black and White Cutting Board is a full-sized plastic, washable board with a black side to contrast light-colored food, and a white side to define dark foods. The color contrast makes this device ideal for visually impaired individuals.
  • The Silicone Divided Suction Bowl keeps food separate in easy-to-eat sections with three compartments and a one-piece design! It even comes with an attachable silicone straw that allows drinking from the compartments!