Happy National Crossword Solvers Day!

Up-close shot of a hand holding the Ring Pen Ultra with a pencil fitted into it while completing a crossword puzzle on a wooden table.

We heard that it’s National Crossword Solvers Day and we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase an assistive technology (AT) device that makes writing easier, the Ring Pen Ultra!

The Ring Pen Ultra is a contoured, molded gripper that firmly grips a pen or pencil. The user’s index finger slips through the opening in the center. The balanced design provides much better control, making it easier to position the tip on the paper and reduce finger tremors. People with poor fine motor control, hand disabilities, or decreased dexterity who have difficulty writing may find this writing aid helpful.

To learn more about his AT device or any others in the ABLE Tech inventory, visit our device loan portal, NATADS, at https://bit.ly/46xSemJ.