Partner News February 2018

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February 2018 Program News

2017 Annual Report

Oklahoma ABLE Tech 2017 Annual Report Cover

ABLE Tech has just released the 2017 Annual Report.  This report will be widely distributed to organizations, state agencies, State Legislatures, U.S. Congressmen, Consumer Advisory Council members and to our Partners.  Hopefully, you have received your copy in the mail. 

To view on line go to:

Partner Meeting

NEW LOCATION: Stillwater convention & Visitors Bureau

Visit Stillwater
2617 W. 6th Ave., Stillwater, OK, 74074
(405) 743-3697

  • Mandatory Partner meeting March 6th, 2018, 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
  • Every partner to spend five to ten minutes speaking about their organization or showcasing a new AT device.

ABLE Tech Presented

Many of the ABLE Tech staff just returned from the national conference, Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) 2018 Annual Conference. Many of us had the privilege to present a session based on our work here in Oklahoma.  Milissa and I had a session which discussed the success of our Loan and Demonstration MOA Partners. We were able to express our gratitude for all that you do to help Oklahomans access assistive technology.  Here is the list of the breakout sessions presented by ABLE Tech staff as part of the Assistive Technology Programs Strand.  

  • Partners Instead of Contractors: A Lower Cost Alternative describes how ABLE Tech structures its relationships with non-profit community organizations, state agencies, higher education, vendors and medical providers to operate a device demonstration and short-term equipment loan program. Presented by Shelby Sanders, AT Specialist and Milissa Gofourth, Program Manager.
  • AEM for AT Act Programs: A Capacity Building Model highlights advancements in delivery of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) across Oklahoma during the last several years. Learn how ABLE Tech uses data in designing AEM training and support services. Presented by Kimberly Berry, Grant Coordinator.
  • Transitioning to Direct Lending details the steps ABLE Tech has taken to develop and maintain a successful program to provide financing options for Oklahomans with disabilities to purchase assistive technology to help them live, work, and learn independently. Presented by Shelley Gladden, Loan Coordinator and Milissa Gofourth, Program Manager.
  • Accessibility Spotlight: Finding the Right Fit: Accessibility in Organizational and Team Roles discusses how different people and departments shape the digital footprint of your organizations, and ways to integrate accessibility into existing workflows and roles. Presented by Rob Carr, Accessibility Coordinator.
  • Seven Ways to a More Accessible Web explains how to remove seven of the most common barriers to web access. Participants will leave knowing how to use headings, lists, text equivalents, color, and proper link formatting to make web content more accessible. Presented by Rob Carr, Accessibility Coordinator.

If anyone is interested in any of these PowerPoints, please let me know!

Spotlight on Success

Mr. Jobson using AT

Mr. Jobson is an 80 year old man with Age Related Macular Degeneration and Contrast Sensitivity. He still volunteers for Shriner’s a few days a week, and continues to do this to help spread the word to those in need of medical attention. Mr. Jobson’s main job is to have individuals fill out an application for services. This job has become more difficult with his low vision, due to the fact that he has a harder time reading the applications and making sure all the correct information is filled out. He also loves to read the paper in the morning and has not done this leisure task in sometime due to his low vision difficulties. 

NewView Oklahoma was able to come in and work with Mr. Jobson on lighting, contrast, magnification and demo several items from Oklahoma ABLE Tech. They were able to see which devices would assist him with different tasks that are important to him. Mr. Jobson felt this really helped him with being able to see better, and stated “if it wasn’t for the help of NewView and Oklahoma ABLE Tech, he would no longer enjoy the simple things and given up one of his passions, volunteering.”

Assistive Technology Device Feature

Amigo HD Handheld Video Magnifier

Amigo Handheld Video Magnifier

Amigo HD displays amazing crystal clear HD images with vibrant colors, at any distance, on a large 7 inch widescreen LCD. It is lightweight and simple to use. Amigo HD is the perfect choice for reading mail, magazines, newspapers, prescriptions, books, viewing family photos, seeing objects at varying distances and saving captured images for later viewing.



You can borrow this device for a 6-week trial here.

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