ICT Newsletter – September 2016

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech Information and Communication Technology September, 2016 Newsletter

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Compiled by Rob Carr, Oklahoma ABLE Tech Accessibility Coordinator

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CAPTCHA and Accessibility

We use CAPTCHA and similar tools to try to keep bots from flooding our web apps and contact forms with bot gibberish, or worse. But CAPTCHA, and even reCAPTCHA present usability and accessibility concerns. The World Wide Web Consortium has a good compilation of different techniques to stop bots and the techniques pros and cons. CAPTCHA Alternatives and Thoughts is a good one stop shop for a high level view of the different approaches.

Technology Accessibility in Primary and Secondary Education

There is quite a bit of guidance available that speaks directly to the need for state and local governments, higher education institutions and even some in the private sector to make their web-based resources accessible. The legal environment in primary and secondary education has not been as clear. But there is increasing pressure on primary and secondary schools and districts to make their websites and electronic educational material accessible as well. Education Week put together a blog post called "Website Accessibility: Ten Things School Districts Should Know" that gives some good background on this issue in the context of primary and secondary education.

ABLE Tech will be Out and About!

In addition to hosting the TechAccessOK Conference and doing a session at Accessing Higher Ground, ABLE Tech will be around the state, leading sessions about different aspects of technology accessibilityl. As of September 1, here is a list of some of the events that we will be part of:

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