ICT Newsletter – July 2016

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech Information and Communication Technology July, 2016 Newsletter

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Written by Rob Carr, Oklahoma ABLE Tech Accessibility Coordinator

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Technology Accessibility Oklahoma Conference 2016 is Coming!

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is thrilled to be able to present a one-day conference on information and communication technology accessibility! TechAccessOK is coming to Oklahoma City on September 8, 2016! Stay up with the TechAccessOK page for more information as we get things lined up! And feel free to share the word! (Can you tell we're excited?)

We Still Want Your Feedback! Really! We do!

Has ABLE Tech’s Information and Communication Technology know-how helped your agency, institution or organization? We’d love to know how! Please fill out this survey and let us know if we can use your comments for our promotional or reporting purposes. Your feedback will be really helpful!

What is PDF/UA?

PDF content is all across the web, and it is not going anywhere. Did you know that you can make PDFs into very accessible documents? There is a lot of information out there about accessible PDF creation. If you have read about PDF accessibility, or even the Section 508 Refresh, lately then you have probably seen "PDF/UA". So what is this standard, and what does it mean for you as a document author? In short, it is a standard for developers of authoring tools to use so that they create tools that make it easier for content authors to make accessible PDFs. PDF/UA-1 is also specifically mentioned in the new, draft Section 508 standards. The PDF Association recently published "PDF/UA in a Nutshell", which is a great place to learn about this standard and how it will shape PDF accessibility.

eBay Accessibility Patterns for the Web

Think that accessibility is still a fringe topic? eBay joined several other big web and technology companies by publishing its MIND Patterns, a set of accessibility patterns for the web. E-Commerce sites like eBay present a lot of opportunities for innovation in accessibility. Their pattern book is a fantastic place to go to learn more about making dynamic interactions more accessible.

Accessibility in Voting Becoming a Bigger Focus

With the Presidential election cycle really picking up, it is great to see more states working to make it easier for people to participate in the voting process. There is a movement across the nation to push things like voter registration out to the web. Access to voting is so important for people with disabilities. The advocacy groups are watching these new online systems closely, and they take action when they find one that comes up and is not accessible. The National Federation of the Blind announced a lawsuit in New York State.This joins existing suits, and it probably will not be the last one.


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