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Oklahoma ABLE Tech Information and Communication Technology November, 2017 Newsletter

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Compiled by Rob Carr, Oklahoma ABLE Tech

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Two New Fact Sheets about Computer Keyboards and Accessibility

Oklahoma's Department of Rehabilitation Services and Oklahoma ABLE Tech are pleased to present two new additions to our fact sheet and quick reference guide collection that both focus on making sure that the web is accessible to people that use a keyboard to interact with their computer or device. Our Keyboard Accessibility in Four Words and Keyboard Accessibility Quick Reference Guides are now available alongside our other fact sheets.

Accessibility and Time

It is very common to hear someone say that making the web more accessible takes more time. But, is that true? And, is the time lost? Here are some thoughts about accessibility adding time to software development.

Guidance to Creating More Accessible Email Campaigns

From Campaign Monitor comes this feature about making your email marketing material more accessible to people with disabilities. Some of the techniques may be specific to Campaign Monitor, but much of the advice will apply to other environments. Don't forget accessibiltiy in your email marketing!

Make Google Documents or Presentations More Accessible

Accessibility lives in most modern document and presentation authoring tools, including Google's offerings. Google's accessible authoring guidance tells you how to make your Google documents and presentations more accessible.

Accessible Math Equations

If you happen to operate in the STEM fields, then you may find a need to type mathematical equations into your digital documents. MathType works with most authoring environments and creates accessible equations. Find more out about MathType here.

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