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Compiled by Rob Carr, Oklahoma ABLE Tech Accessibility Coordinator

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US Web Design Standards Published

Want to know what federal agencies refer to when they design their websites? The Standards for web design are now published. This is a great and informative resource that has a lot of accessibility integrated into the mix. It is also a great example of how to weave accessibility into design instead of making it a separate thing to keep track of. One note: the Standards for web design are a broad set of standards that include accessibility. They are not the Section 508 standards.

AccessU Summit Streams to Your Device

If you cannot make it to Austin for this year's AccessU Conference, then consider streaming it to your office instead! The online AccessU Summit is on May 18th and features a speaker every hour throughout the work day. The Summit is a great way to bring some of the content from the conference to your agency, institution, department, etc.

MailChimp's Advice on Accessibility in Email Marketing

Lots of us use MailChimp for our email marketing. Fortunately, they have some information about making your marketing material more accessible. Remember that accessibility is not just about the web. Those email messages need to be accessible, too.

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