For Information and Communication Technology Professionals

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For Information and Communication Technology Professionals

Employee on computer with colleague

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals are not only website designers, website content creators, and software programmers. Individuals that create documents in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and other tools play an important role in providing tools and resources using technology. The same can be said for individuals that create multimedia (audio or video files) that we use to provide training or information.

If you procure or create (ICT) resources, then you need to be sure that the material that you procure or create is accessible to individuals with disabilities, regardless of whether or not they use assistive technology.

Technology is used to communicate information to participants in the Oklahoma Workforce System. For example, a website may provide important information about the job placement services that you provide.

Technology is also used to directly provide services or programs. Here, you may have an online job or training search that job seekers can use to find a job or training to help them to find a job. There are many more examples of how we use technology in the Workforce System. In general, accessibility will follow the technology wherever it is used.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech uses several different ICT accessibility tools and resources that you will find helpful as you look at accessibility in your website, software, or digital documents. The State of Oklahoma also has a website dedicated to Oklahoma's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility law and standards.

In many cases, creating accessible ICT is easier for the individual that creates it. Sometimes it is more difficult. Oklahoma ABLE Tech and Oklahoma DRS will get you on your way to procuring and creating more accessible ICT resources.