Financial News You Can Use – November 2017

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OkAT Awarded CDFI Technical Assistance Grant

The financial loan program provided by ABLE Tech is in partnership with Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater. We are pleased to announce that the OkAT Foundation has been awarded a Technical Assistance grant with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) to enhance the financial lending program. CDFIs share a common goal of expanding economic opportunity in low-income communities by providing access to financial products and services to underserved populations and communities. This grant will include developing a Financial Literacy / Education program to its benefits services, as well as provide additional training and staff assistance to support the services provided. To learn more about what a CDFI organization can do for you and your community, visit the website at

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Another Great Success Story!

Brooke Purchases a New Braille Sense Polaris.

Brooke with Braille Sense PolarisBrooke was in need of a new braille device and had been searching for several months. She had heard ABLE Tech talk about their financial loan services, but after attending a conference, she was encouraged by the manufacturer who was offering a discount to trade in her older device. She was working on building her credit, so this also became a great financial opportunity for Brooke. She uses the Braille Sense Polaris at work for notes and organization, accessing the internet, emails, and all of her regular daily functions. She also uses it for personal undertakings, such as taking minutes as the secretary for an organization she belongs to.

Highlight on Success

Jean S., Tulsa, OK
AT Purchased: hearing aids
Purpose: Employment and Community Living
Jeannie used the financial loan program because there were limited resources available to purchase hearing aids, and the need to build her credit again. She says about her new hearing aids – “I can hear my supervisor at work now! I can hear my kids and grandkids a lot better. I can hear when people call me on my cell phone”.

Marion R., Adair, OK
AT Purchased: hearing aids
Purpose: Community Living
Marion says, “This was the only way I could afford the new hearing aids. Now I can respond to  people and understand them as they speak to me.”

Sandra M., Tulsa, OK
AT Purchased: hearing aids
Purpose: Employment and Community Living
Sandra says purchasing hearing aids is the best thing she has done for herself. She can hear her kids in the classroom so much clearer now! It has made her life so much better.”

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Financial Tip: Financial Well-being Survey - 
What Is Your Score?

Understanding factors that support consumer financial well-being can help practitioners and policymakers empower more families to lead better financial lives to serve their own goals. A person’s financial well-being comes from their sense of financial security and freedom of choice—both in the present and when considering the future. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) researchers developed the questionnaire and a way to score it, as a tool to help measure someone’s current financial well-being—that is, how well your current money situation is providing you with financial security and freedom of choice, today and for the future. CFPB measured this using a 10-item Financial Well-Being Scale.  The survey measures the individual and household characteristics that research suggests may influence adults’ financial well-being, including:

  • Income and employment
  • Savings and safety nets
  • Past financial experiences
  • Financial behaviors, skills, and attitudes

This financial well-being survey can be found at the CFPB website. It does not ask for personal information, but provides valuable insight and problem solving solutions for your current financial well-being and how to get additional assistance in your community.

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