Success Stories | OKDMERP

Success Stories | OKDMERP

This page offers short success stories and/or quotes from Oklahomans who have received free durable medical equipment from the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP). If you're interested in more information regarding the devices available, just click the "plus" sign in the boxed area below!

You can also reach us at 833.431.9706 (toll-free and v/tty) or 405.523.4810. Apply for equipment here.

M Worden had hip replacement surgery and this walker will help him feel steady and safe.M Worden
Hip Replacement Surgery

”I was having hip replacement surgery but I run my own insurance agency so taking an extended period of time off work wasn’t possible.  Through social media I knew about this program and hoped they could help me with a walker so I could go to my surgery prepared.  They did.  It’s great and I’m getting along pretty darn good!”

L Barkley enjoys her rollator because it helps her walk and sit down much better than crutches or caneL Barkley
Mobility Improvement

”This walker is going to keep me from falling down. It’s easier to use than my cane or crutches and I can even sit down. It gives me more confidence.”

A Douglass received a power wheelchair. It will help her be more independent and feel more safe.A Douglas
Mobility Improvement

”The reason I love my power wheelchair is because it helped me become independent again. I could not walk 10 ft. without it. 

OKDMERP is a big blessing to me because without it I would be bed-ridden. They are a Godsend and my guardian angels. They've given me at least four medical devices."

B Rivera requested a semi-electric bed and it will help her sleep better with the CPAP because she can raise her head with the control.B Rivera
Better Sleep with CPAP

”This bed will help me sleep better! I use a CPAP and now with this semi-electric bed, I can raise my head and get more rest.”

C Corpus' parent picked up a shower chair for his son; he cannot walk and this will help him greatly.C Corpus
Mobility Improvement

C Corpus is a child that cannot walk nor use his bath without a chair. His dad picked up a shower chair and they say, "We are so blessed to get this equipment and we love the OKDMERP program."

D Brown picked up the manual wheelchair for a friend of hers who is frail and unable to walk without assistance.D Brown
Mobility Improvement

D Brown picked up a manual wheelchair for a friend of hers who is very frail and cannot walk without assistance. D says, "I have been getting equipment from OKDMERP going on 24 years – it has been helpful to me and others."

D Stillman crushed a vertebrae and now cannot walk. She is really thankful for the DME she's received from OKDMERP.D Stillman
Mobility Improvement

D says she crushed a vertebrae and her doctor says she won't walk again. "I'm so thankful to find out about the reuse program. It will allow me to be mobile and to continue to do basic things for my family like cooking. You guys are a lifesaver!"

E Richter is scheduled for knee replacement surgery and really appreciates the walker that will help in her recovery.E Richter
Mobility Improvement

”I'm getting ready to have knee replacement surgery and this walker will be a lifesaver. Medicare will only pay for one device so having a walker is keeping me active."

G Parker has diabetes and high blood pressure. The blood pressure meter allows him to monitor his status at home.G Parker
Monitoring Blood Pressure

”I have diabetes and high blood pressure. With this home-based blood pressure meter I can monitor my own pressure and avoid having to go to the doctor's office all the time to be checked."

M Brown suffered a spinal cord injury and the cushion will really help him feel more comfortable

M Brown
Spinal Cord Injury/Comfort

”I have a spinal cord injury and my mother told me about the reuse program. With this cushion, I can sit so much more comfortably."

M Gabriel, no longer has health insurance, and is so grateful for the CPAP hoses and masks

M Gabriel
Respiratory Assistance

”I have breathing difficulties and no longer have insurance. Getting these CPAP hoses and masks from OKDMERP is saving my life. I'm now able to function at work since I can sleep better.”

R Anderson has bad knees and knows the rollator will help her when walkingR Anderson
Mobility Improvement

”I have bad knees and this rollator will help me walk and feel confident. It will also allow me to sit down to rest during my walk."

M Hall, who has cerebral palsy, picked up a walkerW Hill
Mobility Improvement

”I have cerebral palsy and I've also fallen recently and broke my hip. I heard about the reuse program from my doctor and I'm very grateful for this walker. It will help keep me steady – thank you."


Contact Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP) if you need medical equipment to help you with a disability. Call 405.523.4810 or 833.431.9706 (v/tty) for more information or "Apply for DME" on this website.