Donations Hall of Fame

Donations Hall of Fame

The Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP) wishes to honor companies with Hall of Fame recognition when they provide extraordinary donations to our program for use by Oklahomans with disabilities. Thank you!

Donation of Honor

December 2018 
As the old adage goes, it’s better to give than to receive, there is one family who is giving back times 16!

Peter with boxes of walkersEvery year leading up to December 18th the Askum family launches a charity drive to commemorate their son’s diagnosis of Spina bifida.

This year the family chose ABLE Tech’s Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program (OKDMERP) out of Oklahoma City to receive 16 brand new pediatric walkers! They are just like the ones their son uses.

ABLE Tech is excited to honor this family by distributing the walkers to children across the state through our collaboration with SoonerStart. We appreciate the Askum family for their generous donation to children with physical disabilities in Oklahoma!

Asbury Medical donates $20,648 to OKDMERP in the form of 112 wheelchair cushions, 40 rehab power wheelchair metal seat backs, 15 plastic seat trays for wheelchairs, 10 sets of armrests for wheelchairs, and 10 sets of footrests for power wheelchairs. 

APRIL 2018
Asbury Medical donates $44,373 to OKDMERP in the form of 12 manual wheelchairs and 7 power chairs. They also donated to the OEE an additional $1,621 in the form of 100 compression sock pairs, 75 cane tips, 3 sock aids, 3 warm steam vaporizers, and 1 reacher.

In 2017, Asbury Medical Supply donated 308 pieces of NEW medical equipment totaling $8,397.00! Equipment was given to disabled citizens and included standers, nebulizers, bath benches, shower chairs (including bariatric) and much, much more. Our program sincerely thanks Asbury Medical Supply for their past, and on-going, donations.

About Asbury Medical Supply
They strive every day to provide the absolute best quality products to our customers, from respiratory care equipment to hospital beds, to ramps for motorized devices. Asbury Medical Supply is dedicated to providing competitive prices and service to our customers that is unparalleled by anyone in Oklahoma City.

Their inventory spans from manual wheelchairs, motorized devices, rehabilitation supplies, CPAP and sleep products, beds, bath safety, mobility, and other specialty items.

Asbury Medical Supply
3401 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73112
Phone: 405.858.0097

A to Z Medical 

Donation of Honor

A to Z Medical donated over $72,719 in free equipment in the summer of 2016! The company had acquired Madison Medical and trimmed their inventory with this donation to OKDMERP. Many needed devices benefited Oklahomans in need including over 20 CPAPs, manual and power wheelchairs, rollators and walkers, etc.
Thank you...A to Z Medical!

A to Z Medical
3010 S. Harvard Avenue, Suite 236
Tulsa, OK  74135
Phone: 918.935.2727

Successful Inaugural Equipment Drive

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, the staff of ABLE Tech and Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Program (OKDMERP) hosted a very successful equipment drive that brought in over $22,000 in used durable medical equipment. Citizens and health-related businesses delivered their gently used medical equipment that they no longer needed to a location near ABLE Tech's office on the OSU campus in Stillwater. This equipment will be refurbished and redistributed to people who really need it.

Linda Jaco, Associate Director for Sponsored Programs, OSU Department of Wellness, commented,

"OSU's Department of Wellness Sponsored Programs would like to thank Stillwater and the surrounding communities for their generous support and donations of equipment to the Durable Medical Equipment Drive which occurred on Saturday, April 4. Oklahoma citizens, unable to afford needed durable medical equipment, will benefit greatly from receiving this refurbished equipment. Please contact the program at (405) 523-4810 or 833.431.9706 (v/tty) or email if you would like to make a donation and help us to make an important difference in someone's life!"

Along with the Stillwater drive, a very significant donation came from Providence House (GHM Enterprises, Inc.), privately-owned skilled nursing care and Alzheimer's facility in Guthrie.

A spokesperson for OKDMERP said,
"Laura Spencer, from Providence, called us and said they had a room filled with power and manual wheelchairs collecting dust and not being used."

"We jumped on scheduling a pick up that same week. In all, OKDMERP received over $28,000 worth of power and manual wheelchairs from Providence."