Device Reutilization

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Although the AT Act does not include a formal definition of device reutilization programs, the Act describes reutilization programs as programs that provide for the exchange, repair, recycling or other reutilization of assistive technology devices, which may include redistribution through device sales, loans, rentals or donations, carried out either directly or in collaboration with public or private entities (Section 4(e)(2)(B)).

Read more about the AT Act at AT3 Center

Oklahoma ABLE Tech maintains a device exchange – Oklahoma Equipment Exchange service which allows the public to both list and acquire assistive technology that may no longer be needed by a family yet extremely important, and needed, by a different Oklahoma family.

Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program logoAs a second service, Oklahoma ABLE Tech offers a device reassignment/refurbishment and repair service – the Oklahoma Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program. ABLE Tech and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority have partnered to provide this program which is designed to reuse valuable durable medical equipment (DME) that is no longer needed, and reassign it to Oklahoma residents in need.Oklahoma Health Care Authority logo

This program collects durable medical equipment (DME) from companies who may be updating their inventory and from individuals and/or families who no longer need a device (motorized wheelchair, lift chair, blood pressure monitor, etc.).

A third way equipment is collected is through community events and collection drives. Get more information on offering an equipment drive as a community service project here. 

After collection of DME, both programs offer free, or low-cost, distribution of the assistive device to Oklahomans with disabilities.

For more information on both programs, please use the linked text above or the sidebar links to the right.