Telepresence Robot from Double Robotics

Go to school, work, or a museum from anywhere! Double Robotics' telepresence robot, the Double, is a sleek and elegant machine. The two-wheel rolling base uses a balancing algorithm to stay upright while moving around. Dual kickstands, in both the front and rear are automatically deployed when no movement is required. The estimated run time is 8 hours, with a 2 hour recharge time to full capacity. Drivers can take advantage of the adjustable height function to raise or lower the iPad from 47" - 60" tall allowing them to easily maintain eye contact.

The Double robot is controlled using the OpenTok app, featuring an intuitive user interface and encrypted video to ensure privacy and security. Presently, only 2nd generation or later iPad's can be used as they have an integrated camera. Double Robotics recommends use of the iPad Air or iPad Air 2.

As with many telepresence robots, you do not actually need to purchase a Double robot in order to use one. If you own an iPad you can take advantage of schools, museums, galleries, or universities that have purchased the Double and take it for a spin when you are unable to visit the site in person. The Double telepresence robot has been used in universities, businesses, and homes, as well as in the field of telemedicine, helping doctors visit patients from afar whether after a long day of surgery or more casual checkup.

Double Robotics allows operation of the Double using an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or a Google Chrome web browser. While the Double's web application is optimized for Chrome, it can also work on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The Double Robot can be purchased from several vendors: Double Robotics @ $3,000; Teleprescence Robots.com @ $2,499

At the Double Robotics website, you can read 3 Education Case Studies (middle of page) plus University and Professional Development case studies on this same page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M774R1gWnNY

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