20180507_Weekly AT – TactiPad Drawing Tablet

20180507_Weekly AT – TactiPad Drawing Tablet

TactiPad Drawing Tablet

The TactiPad Drawing Tablet by Irie AT™ is designed for creating tactile graphics for use by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The TactiPad can be used to create raised graphics instantly by sketching by hand, or with the included ruler, triangle, protractor and compasses for highly accurate drawings. Eight adjustable buttons and measurement indicators around the drawing surface allow you to accurately fix the tools while drawing.

The TactiPad utilizes TactiPad Paper, a special Mylar paper that raises when you draw on it. This paper can be purchased at: https://irie-at.com/product/tactipad-paper/?attribute_quantity=100+sheets

By combining the TactiPad with the TactileView drawing and production software and digital pen (not included), the drawings that you create can be saved on the computer as well. This method of drawing enables VIPs to create digital images in TactileView.

Moreover, this setup can also be used to explore audio-tactile diagrams. The TactiPad will function as a touch screen with the digital pen as a pointer, allowing you to access the spoken digital information in a drawing.

Cost: $499.00

Purchased From: Irie-AT


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