20180430_Weekly AT – Chat Fusion 10

20180430_Weekly AT – Chat Fusion 10

Chat Fusion 10

Chat Fusion 10 is a unique communication device from Saltillo. 

Fusion offers multiple access methods including Chat Point (optional headpointing), a front and rear camera, and extended battery life.  Single or dual switch and advanced scanning features are incorporated into the device as well.  Additionally, a wheelchair mounting plate has been included for convenience.

It also includes WIRELESS charging capabilities using a docking station, so even those with fine motor or vision issues can place the device on the charging base.

Chat Fusion comes with a 10" screen and weighs only 2.4 lbs. The touchscreen is accessible by finger touch or an included stylus.

Thousands of SymbolStix™ symbols are included, and PCS™ symbols can be added.

Pre-Loaded Vocabulary:

Various page sets targeting individuals with different communication needs are included in the Chat Fusion:

  • 4 Basic 
  • Basic Scan
  • Communication Journey: Aphasia
  • Essence
  • Intermediate Scan
  • MultiChat 15
  • my Core
  • my QuickChat
  • Spelling
  • Vocab PC
  • WordPower

Chat Fusion's dimensions are 10.31" x 6.88" x 1.13," which makes it easy to hold. A stand and handle are built into the design and a shoulder strap is available for hands-free transporting.

Cost: $6,406.00

Purchased From: Saltillo Corporation


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