20180326 Weekly AT – Abacus

20180326 Weekly AT – Abacus

Mathline Abacus Jumbo 10

This abacus, designed for children, is great for early counting/skip-counting, number recognition, and early addition and subtraction. The Jumbo 10 Abacus is a larger version of the Junior 10 Abacus, and is especially helpful for children with a limited range of motion and dexterity, or those with visual impairments.

The Jumbo 10 has oval-shaped rings with 1" high numbers and the 21" length fits right on students desk. Pre-K Teachers and children of all ages use this model for learning basic math concepts. The rings are equipped with tabs for easy manipulating or use with a head pointer or mouth stick.

Cost: $20.00

Purchased From: Mathline Concepts


Weekly Assistive Technology (AT) Feature
Each week ABLE Tech will feature one of the many assistive technology devices available for trial through our short-term loan program. Individuals have the ability to see, touch, and try AT to help them in the decision-making process by providing:

  • Hands-on exploration of devices
  • Information on the latest technology
  • Low-tech solutions and adaptations
  • Vendor sources

Our inventory offers a wide range of AT for communication, computer access, hearing, vision, daily living, environmental adaptations, learning/development, health, safety, and recreation.

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